The Morning After: Already hyping the iPhone 14

This is a new record. The rumor mill has already started buzzing about the next iPhone 13 even before the iPhone 13 hits the shelves. The iPhone 14 is expected to be a complete redesign according to rumors. However, details are scarce at this stage. These rumors are not to be trusted, friends.
The 14 will look much more like the iPhone 4 with a band running around its outside. This is a natural change considering how much the 4s design was loved and how Apple's new design language has returned square edges. These hints suggest that the back of the camera lenses will be flushed with the body due to a slightly thicker body.

Another rumor is that the 14 could ditch the notch to go for a hole-punch front cam, or perhaps only for Pro models. There are also the usual rumor hits like the launch of TouchID in-display and the ending of the iPhone Mini. We are still a year away, so let's not forget about the excitement of the 13 new features we have yet to discover.

Dan Cooper

Despite a galactic babyboom, the galaxies stopped expanding.

Image processing: Joseph DePasquale (STScI)

Astronomers using the Hubble telescope and Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) have found six dead galaxies . These galaxies have star-forming hydrogen but lack the cold hydrogen needed. They were formed during the stellar equivalent to a baby boom. These galaxies are a testament to both the persistence of the Hubble telescope and the inventiveness of the astronomers who were able to draw these images from the sky. Scientists will continue to struggle with the question of where those galaxies went. Until then, we have some impressive faster-than light travel.

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This is a poor choice for a brand new slate.

Valentina Palladino

You are not the only one experiencing strange behavior with your iPad Mini. Multiple users have reported jelly scrolling, in which one side of the screen moves at an erratic rate. Apple has not yet responded to these claims but is likely already trying to find the cause. Apple has also reportedly disclosed that TV+ has less than 20 million subscribers in Canada and the US. Why is this embarrassing? Its smaller size means that it can pay its TV and film crews less than Netflix.

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First Woman tells Callie Rodriguez's story as she walks on the Moon.


NASA published First Woman, a graphic novel to celebrate National Comic Book Day. It tells the story of the first woman on the moon. This (currently fictional) story is intended to stimulate public interest in Artemis missions and encourage people to sign up to become astronauts. You can download the iOS or Android app to explore Orion's spacecraft and tour the moon in AR.

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It would like to borrow the brain structure to make a chip that is brain-like.

Researchers from Harvard and Samsung engineers believe that artificial intelligences can be made better if they are based on the structure of our brains. They propose a way to replicate the wiring of our neurons on to a 3D neuromorphic chips. It's unlikely that this will happen in the real world, so don't be alarmed if it sounds too complicated. Human brain contains more than 100 million neurons and 1000 times more synapses. It's not like anyone can just build one.

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