August's Smart Lock Pro is $99 for today only

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August's third-gen Smart Lock Pro, which costs $230, is packed with features such as Bluetooth support, Bluetooth HomeKit, and a closed door sensor. You can get this model for $99 on Amazon, which is a 57 percent discount.

August offers several Smart Lock models. The basic model lacks Apple HomeKit compatibility and Z-Wave Plus support. There are also many features (WiFi and Alexa support, remote access, and Google Assistant support) that require the August Connect WiFi bridge ($80). Smart Lock Pro includes all of this, as it comes with Connect Hub. It measures 86mm in comparison to 72mm and requires four AA batteries instead of two CR123 cells as the lower-end model.

Other features include guest/remote access, August app support and auto-lock and unlock. DoorSense will verify that your door is closed properly and is arguably a more attractive design. You can also use it to replace your existing lock.

The Smart Lock Pro is the right choice if you don't care about the configuration or size. It's significantly cheaper than the basic model, which is currently priced at $130 or $154 with Connect. It is also significantly less expensive than August's latest model of Smart Lock WiFi (4th generation) (which does not require Connect Hub), which currently sells for $230.