GizmoWatch 2 review: A great smartwatch for kids with only a few shortcomings

My 9-year old son is desperate for a phone. But Mom and Dad don't have the right equipment and he doesn't want it. We all want to help our son get started with tech and teach him some responsibility. A smartwatch that has a cellular connection can be a great first step in learning these lessons. There are many smartwatches for kids that are excellent, but this list is short. The GizmoWatch 2, however, has all the tools I need as parents and is easy enough to teach my son how to use technology. He found the watch to be a great learning tool, even though there were some drawbacks. VPN Deals: Monthly plans starting at $16 for a lifetime license
GizmoWatch 2, more than just a toy GizmoWatch 2. Bottom line: The GizmoWatch2 is a smartwatch that kids can use. It gives them independence and provides parents with peace of mind. Even though the design may seem a little bland, the watch is easy to use and has great features. The screen is bright and colorful, with small touchpoints that are easy to use for those with smaller fingers. The watch's safety features include geofencing, location tracking, and specific guardian contacts. Pros Good call quality

Easy to use watch software

Amazing safety features

Bright, vibrant display

It's easy to set alarms and reminders.

Verizon locked to you

Verizon Wireless: No Wi-Fi $100

GizmoWatch 2 Price and availability

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Verizon was the first to announce the GizmoWatch 2, which was exclusive for them in April 2020. This smartwatch is the successor to the GizmoWatch 2 from 2018. GizmoWatch 2, launched in two colors: pink and blue. The $99 launch price for the watch remains the full retail price. You have two options: 30 month contract at $3.33 per Month or 24 month contract at $4.16/month. GizmoWatch 2. What's great

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It doesn't matter if it's my wife and me using our smartwatches or if it's something he sees on one of his favorite cartoons. The desire to have a gadget to play is the same. There are many smartwatches for children, some that look like smartwatches but aren’t. GizmoWatch 2 is a smartwatch that your child can use to communicate and stay safe. The watch is available in either blue or pink, which only changes the color of the strap. It is made of a soft silicone and can be easily swapped for any other 20mm watch band. The case is made of a durable two-tone plastic and has been very well protected by my son's adventures. It also has IP7 water resistance, which has proved to be extremely useful. It has an IP7 rating which makes it ideal for those hot spring days when there are out-of-the blue water fights. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 makes it easy to navigate the watch. The 1.4 inch display is bright and vibrant with vivid colors that make the watch themes stand out. There are seven themes to choose from. They range from bright and cheerful citrus to bold comic book styles. The display is easy to use, and the software's large touchpoints offer the perfect amount of touch sensitivity. Although the GizmoWatch2 is not a phone, it can make cellular calls. My son enjoys being able call Mom or Dad whenever he wants, regardless of whether it is to help him with homework or to share something he discovered while outside. Verizon is the only provider that connects to the watch.

Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Verizon Wireless is the exclusive carrier for the smartwatch. This means that you won't be able to use any other carrier, but the one you do get is reliable. You can purchase the watch at full retail for $100, or opt to pay monthly payments and sign a contract. The data line will run you $10 per month, before taxes and fees. My son's calls to me to "totally amazing" things is an enjoyable way for me to practice proper phone manners. The GizmoWatch 2, which was used in rural Kansas where there is limited connectivity, did an admirable job of keeping the watch connected. Both ends of the calls to the watch were clear. The speaker on the watch's side was loud enough for my son, even on windy spring days, to hear me. The watch can make phone calls and send messages both voice or text. The device comes with pre-set messages that you can add or modify. There are also emojis to choose from. You can send your child a voice message using your regular voice, or you can use the voice changer app to choose from several fun options, such as a robot, monster, squirrel and many more. The only person who can call or be called by the watch is the one you have set up in the parent companion application on your phone. The GizmoHub can be used to set up the watch and control almost every aspect of the device.

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The watch can manage up to 10 contacts. It has four levels of communication permission guardians and caregivers. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to make someone a GizmoBuddy. You can also set up an emergency contact. You can simply press and hold one of the hard keys at the side of your watch to initiate an emergency call.

Specs GizmoWatch 2, Dimensions 1.71x1.77x.53 inches Battery 500 mAh Display 1.4 inches, 300x300x300 Colors Blue or pink Memory 4GB Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 32bit, Quad-core, 1.2GHz Water- and Dust resistance IPX7 Connectivity 4GLTE Location GPS

You can also use the GizmoHub app to set alarms and recurring reminders. Custom rewards can be added for completing tasks. You can also attach a reward to your child for reaching a certain goal. My son's reward was a soda. This is a big treat and keeps him active. The watch also has a fun app that encourages your child to jump for different lengths to earn animal sounds. To keep the watch from making loud noises, I like the option to set aside quiet time. You can schedule it and also trigger the quiet mode manually via the app. GizmoWatch 2 is equipped with GPS for precise location tracking and reporting. The GizmoHub allows you to view the current location of your watch on a map that includes a satellite mode. The watch's location history can be viewed and you can see where it has been during the day. The watch can also be equipped with an optional real-time tracking function that will periodically ping its location. However, this feature can drain the battery quickly. You can also have your child use the watch to notify you of their location. GizmoWatch2 What's not to like

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Despite all the positive aspects of the GizmoWatch 2, which there are many, it has its flaws. The physical limitations that small watches will bring to connectivity can't be saved by Verizon's ubiquitous cell network. Due to its small size, the watch has limited antennas that can grab the signal. This means that the battery quickly drains when there is no or low signal. Although the 500mAh battery did a good job, it still died a few days before dinner. Wi-Fi would be a useful addition in terms of connectivity. Wi-Fi would reduce some of the signal problems the watch experiences indoors. In case of poor cellular reception, calling via Wi-Fi would also be possible using one of our top smartwatches for kids like the TickTalk4. This would help improve battery life and connectivity. Although it is a smartwatch for kids, I wish there was an option to check the GizmoHub and see the cause of the battery drain. Is it the messaging app glitch? Perhaps it was the cellular standby or GPS pings for position. It's possible that it is the cellular stand-by or GPS pings for location, but knowing for certain would be helpful. The parent companion app can set the watch to a quiet mode. This is useful as it turns the device off. This mode doesn't prevent unwanted distractions such as texts or calls from occurring, but it does not lock the device. It would be great to have a Do Not Disturb Mode that could completely lock the watch from displaying time and making emergency calls.

Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

The GizmoWatch 2, with its USB-A port to magnetic and pogo pin dock, is very easy to charge. Although the device charged quickly, it took 6-8 hours. However, there were instances when the charger fell off during the night.

My son was quick to answer my question about what he wanted the watch to be capable of. He said he would like a camera and a keyboard to send messages.

The screen is bright and can even be lit in direct sunlight. The watch can be turned on and off. However, the user can also lift-to-wake it. My son didn't understand the message on his watch. My son is learning to write complete sentences and he says that he didn't understand why the watch said "raise wrist raise it for whatever?" It wasn't a complete sentence, Dad. GizmoWatch 2 Competition

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There are many toy smartwatches for children, but connected devices such as the GizmoWatch 2, which provide safety and communication features, are not very common. The TickTalk 4 is one of the most popular. The TickTalk 4 is bulkier than the GizmoWatch 2. However, the watch makes good use of its small size by packing two cameras for photo sharing and video chats. Step tracking, iHeart Radio Family free, and many more great features are all included. This watch is compatible with other carriers than Verizon. Geofencing is a feature you won't find on the TickTalk 4, but it will be available on the GizmoWatch 2. The GizmoWatch 2 has a great feature: geofencing.

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The Xplora X5 Play is another watch worth considering. The Xplora X5 Play is a less flashy watch than the TickTalk 4, but it still packs plenty of features and durability. In terms of appearance and features, the X5 Play is somewhere between the GizmoWatch 2, and the TickTalk 4. The X5 Play has a single camera that can be used for video calls, sharing photos, and GPS for geofencing. It can also be used with any cellular carrier, as long as it's not Verizon. The X5 Play has a unique feature called XCoins. This is digital currency your child can earn through completing tasks and challenges that you have set. These coins can be used to buy actual items in the Go Play shop. The options for earning and purchasing coins are limited. The Xplora app doesn't have as much reliability as the GizmoWatch 2 and step tracking can be erratic. GizmoWatch 2, Should you buy it

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This smartwatch is a great choice if you want your child to be able to perform well and has no frills.

You are looking for an intuitive parental companion app.

A camera for your child's smartwatch is not something you want. If you don't want Verizon, this is not the right product for you.

Your child should have a camera on their smartwatch.

Wi-Fi requires that the watch be connected to the internet. Verizon is the only cellular provider that you have access to, but its network strength, coverage, and coverage are sufficient in most cases. In times of low cellular signal, the watch's battery can be depleted by a lack of Wi-Fi. The companion app is easy to use and provides consistent performance. The GizmoWatch 2, rated 4 out of 5. My son has had a lot of fun exploring technology and his hunger for knowledge is great. GizmoWatch 2, which allows me to control the gadgets that Mom and Dad have in his hands or on his wrist, is a great tool. He can explore our property on his own and call me if he needs anything. While there are some parts that my son and mine would like to change, the overall device is great. It allows us to have fun while being connected, and it also keeps us safe.

GizmoWatch 2. The bottom line: GPS location tracking is precise, and geofencing helps to ensure that your child is exactly where they are supposed to be. You can send your child silly messages and calls, which will make them feel big. Verizon: $100