Who had the better sprint on Los Angeles Rams' score: DeSean Jackson or coach Sean McVay?

Los Angeles Rams' first drive of the second quarter appeared to be in jeopardy when Matthew Stafford fell back and faced third-and-10 from his 25-yard line. Stafford continued his progression until he finally saw DeSean Jackson deep below the field.
Stafford threw a 75 yard bomb to Jackson. Bucs safety Mike Edwards was caught moving forward and fell on the turf. Edwards recovered and watched Jackson catch the ball. Jackson stopped just before the goal line, nearly taunting the defense backs. With 14:02 left in the third quarter, the Rams led 21-7.

Jackson shared a celebratory moment with Sean McVay on the sideline. McVay sprints at high speed to give a chest bump and a handshake to Jackson, just days after McVay had promised to get him more involved in offense.

Jackson is the ninth NFL player to score at least 10 75 yard touchdowns. Stafford has three passing touchdowns over 50 yards this season. This tie the Rams' total for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.