Broken iPhone 13 screen? Face ID won't work if it's not replaced by Apple.

The new iPhone 13: Apple is making it difficult to repair so you should be extra careful.
Problem? If you need to replace your iPhone screen, the iPhone-maker could force you to contact Apple directly.

Phone Repair Guru uploaded a new video showing how to disassemble the iPhone 13. Phone Repair Guru discovered a "catastrophic third-party repair" after a deep dive inside Apple's latest smartphone.

Face ID stops working when the iPhone 13 screen is replaced by a third party, such as a repair shop or the owner of the device.

A pop-up prompt appears on the iPhone 13 stating "Important Display message." "Unable to verify that this iPhone has an Apple display." The phone will not support Face ID after that.

9to5Mac notes that third-party repair of iPhone 13 components like the "microphone", ambient light sensor and proximity sensor all work perfectly. But, replacing a damaged screen without Apple is a way to disable a crucial iPhone feature.

Phone Repair Guru states that there are additional steps a third party can take to make Face ID work again. However, this process is too complex for most repair shops.

Apple's move suggests that it is asking users to use its services to replace broken screens.

Apple charges $279 to replace an iPhone 13 screen that is damaged or worn out, if the device has not been covered by warranty. Reputable repair shops are often able to offer lower rates and more competitive pricing for the same service.

It is quite interesting to note the timing of this iPhone 13 issue. Advocates for the "Right to Repair" movement, which encourages manufacturers to make repair instructions and tools available to device owners and other third-parties, are gaining momentum.

In essence, individuals should be able to repair their electronics themselves and businesses should permit them to do so. Biden's administration supports Right to Repair, and the FTC recently voted to enforce its laws.

Apple may release an update that restores Face ID to iPhone 13s using third-party replacement screens, but it's not clear if they will. Mashable reached out to Apple for comment.