A 16-year-old driving a truck ran over multiple cyclists after he allegedly attempted to blow exhaust on them

Houston truck driver ran over several cyclists and sent four of them to the hospital. AP Images
Sixteen-year-old driver of a truck in Texas ran over cyclists, sending four to the hospital.

One cyclist claimed that the driver deliberately slowed down in order to smoke on his fellow cyclists.

KRIV reported that the driver, who was still on the scene after the collisions, wasn't arrested.

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Sixteen-year-old Texas truck driver ran over six bicyclists Saturday. Four of them were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

One of the riders stated that a black diesel pickup truck deliberately slowed down the cyclists as they were riding on a Houston highway. The truck then accelerated in front of them, blowing exhaust on them.

According to KRIV, Chase Ferrell, a cyclist, said that "I thought someone had died." "I heard a lot crunching. I heard brakes. I heard tires screeching. People yelling.

KTRK reported two of the injured cyclists were taken to a Waller County hospital, while two were flown to Houston to receive treatment for their head injuries. Two other cyclists declined treatment.

Ferrell stated that the group was 75 miles into their ride while they were training for an Ironman. The truck had blown exhaust on Ferrell's bicycle lane. Ferrell said that the driver tried to do the same thing on Ferrell's cyclists, which led to the collision.

Ferrell stated that the reason he couldn’t stop was because he was speeding to put more diesel fuel on these cyclists. "He hit three people before his brakes even began."

Matthew Seedorff, KRIV, shared photos of crushed bicycles along the roadside.

Ferrell said that the driver, a 16-year old male, had been trying to harass cyclists. KTRK reported that authorities did not comment on the driver’s condition.

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Ferrell stated that there was no reason for the collisions to occur, and added that the teen did not leave the scene after the collisions. It wasn't like he had his phone with him. He definitely wanted to scare [or intimidate] these people in some way. He may have made a mistake by running them over.

KRIV reported that the teen driver had not been arrested as of Saturday. Insider's request to comment was not immediately answered by the Waller County Sheriff's Office.

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