Tesla drivers can now request Full Self Driving beta tests

Although it took some time, Tesla finally gave you the ability to control when and if you receive Full Self Driving beta releases. The Washington Post reported that Tesla is now offering a beta request button for Full Self Driving (FSD) that allows you to test the autonomous (really semi-autonomous?) technology before it goes public. However, the automaker will not hand-test code to anyone. Elon Musk stated that Tesla will assess driving behavior (such as hard braking, aggressive turns and tailgating) for one week to reduce the chance of collisions.
This move could increase Full Self Driving betas, and help Tesla improve the system for wider release. FSD 10.1 beta, which was primarily a bug fix, was released too early. However future software may be more refined or reach a wider audience sooner.

However, not everyone is happy with Tesla's rapid Full Self Driving growth. Jennifer Homendy, the new leader of the National Transportation Safety Board, has joined other critics in accusing Tesla for "irresponsible marketing" FSD technology that could be dangerously misused. Homendy also stated that Tesla had not responded to any official suggestions for improvement. While beta requests might help Tesla reach its goals faster than ever before, they will not address wider concerns about FSD safety or whether customers should be testing semiautonomous features on public roads.