Calvin Johnson's Hall of Fame ceremony turns sour, as fans boo Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp during introductory speech

DETROIT (Mich.) -- As Calvin Johnson was being honored at the Hall of Fame ceremony, Detroit Lions fans booed Sheila Ford Hamp, their dissatisfaction with team ownership.
Halftime of Sunday's game against the Baltimore Ravens was Ford Hamp trying to congratulate the Lions legend receiver but was met with loudboos that were louder then those received by the Ravens when they ran onto field.

Johnson appeared a little uncomfortable initially as he tried his best to calm the crowd by moving his hands to the floor with a hand gesture. He also kept his professional appearance in his Hall of Fame jacket.

"Lions fans?" Ford Hamp asked the crowd, "Lions fans? "Calvin, it was an honor to witness your incredible career and my family and me want to thank for all that you have done for the Detroit Lions as well as the many memories you have created for our fans. Your induction into the Hall of Fame is a great honor.

Johnson received his ring at Ford Field despite his relationship with the Lions being strained after he was forced to repay $1 million to them after his retirement in 2015.

This money was part the signing bonus that he received at the beginning of his last contract.

Johnson stated that it was an honor to be able to represent excellence and all that the Hall of Fame stands up for. It's an honor to be able to represent Detroit. I love you guys. It's an honor to be a representative of the NFL and Johnson on my back. I love you guys. Every Sunday, I was energized by your energy. You guys are missed and I look forward for great things here in Detroit in the future."

Detroit produced a three-minute video to honor Johnson's career. It featured highlights footage and remarks by current players. Fans could take photos with his Hall of Fame bust at Ford Field before the kickoff.