Woman, Toddler Fall to Their Deaths at Petco Park Ahead of Padres Game

A mother and her child fell from the top of a multi-story San Diego baseball park. It was a fatal plunge which left them both dead. Now cops are investigating.
The horrendous incident occurred Saturday afternoon just before the Padres were scheduled to play at Petco Park. A mother and her 2-year old son slipped on the third-level concourse. Witnesses claim that the child was the first.

The Union-Tribune reports that the mother and her son were sitting in a picnic area, looking out onto the street. One day, the boy fell over a ledge and his mother ran after him trying to grab him. According to some reports, the husband was also present at the scene.

They fell about six stories high and landed on Tony Gwynn Drive. The police arrived immediately and began an investigation. They don't know yet if the fall was intentional or accidental, but they believe that the deaths were suspicious.

The scene was shocking for all those who saw it. But strangely, the game didn't delay and the Pads were on the field in no time.