If only NIL money forced Dabo Swinney out of college football

Clemson is currently 2-2. This is a shocking result for a team that has won six ACC titles and two national championships. We should have known it was coming.


The Tigers are still without a head coach. They have not named one to replace Dabo Swainney. Swinney left college football to pursue other opportunities. Once players had the opportunity to make money with their image and name, they were able to get paid. Uiagalelei does in a Dr. Pepper commercial.

Swinney, who is still at Clemson and was present in Raleigh when the Tigers lost to N.C. State the Textile Bowl for the first time since 2011, has been reintroduced.

Because he failed to keep his promise to quit. He wanted to keep all the money and power for himself, so there was no principle. Swinney was exposed and so is his team.

Naturally, I chose the Tigers to cover the 10-point spread on Saturday. That is why we emphasize that these picks are entertainment only. What did the rest of yesterday's picks do?

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Wisconsin was favored by 6.5 against Notre Dame and went out and lost 41-13. Michigan State won in overtime but fell short of the touchdown that would have covered the spread. Instead, it settled for a 23-20 victory on a field goal. After one quarter of Vanderbilt's 62-0 victory, Georgia led 35-0.

Week: 3-3 Seasons: 9-5

KVaughn Pope resigned from the Ohio State football team during a game.

Popes' departure included throwing his gloves in the stands.

This led to a tweet which had to be quoted in The Columbus Dispatch as "f- ohio State", using a slang spelling of the obscenity.


It also introduced the world to POPE APPEARS TEAM POSTS and DELETES VULGARMESSAGE, a television chyron.


Imagine telling everyone that you quit Ohio State football in the Akron game.


The Giants won their 100th match, while the Cardinals won 15 consecutive games. Meanwhile, the Mets and Padres were eliminated from the National League playoff picture.


However, things have been trending in that direction. Unexpectedly, Saturday's victory was also for the American League. The 105-loss Diamondbacks won and the Orioles won.

This is the second consecutive win in just three days. Arizona and Baltimore won on Thursday. To find out the last time that both teams won on the exact same day, you have to go back nearly a month: August 26.


Shoutout to Pittsburgh, which went up 2-0 against New Hampshire but hid the safety with a 77-7 win (with 707 yards offense! Two missed extra points.


Shoutout to Texas for its 70 burger. It was served in a game against Texas Tech, in which Texas Tech still managed to score 35 points.

Central Connecticut State deserves a shoutout for keeping Miami at 69 points. Nice job.


Princeton deserves no credit for its 63-0 victory over Stetson. Nerds, schedule a real team.

The baseball season will end in a week. Perhaps Giancarlo Staton's grand slam against the Red Sox will be landed by then.


There were three highlights to that call. Suzyn Waldman audibly laughs as the ball passes over the Green Monster. John Sterling repeated that Stanton had hit it high and far. This tacit acknowledgement of his trademark call, It is HIGH, FAR, IT IS GONE, is a tacit acknowledgement that it is often used on balls that are neither far nor high. After six months of watching the Yankees oscillate between unwatchable, unbeatable, Sterling finally gave up and called it weird.