Photos: Astrophotographers capture stunning views of the night sky for 2021 contest

(Image credit: Astronomy photographer of the Year 13
The Golden Ring

Shuchang Dong, a Chinese photographer, was the overall winner of the 13th Annual Astronomy Photographer Of The Year Award. He took this extraordinary shot of an annular sunspot from the Ali region in Tibet on June 21, 2020. This image was also awarded in the "Our Sun” category.

The photo is "moody and serene, beautifully captured, expertly processed." It's almost as if you can reach up into the sky to place it on your finger," Steve Marsh, contest judge.

Equipment used: Fujifilm XT-4 Camera; Sun: 386 mm f/10 Lens, ISO 160; 1/2000-second exposure. Moving cloud: ND1000 Filter, 386 mm f/16 Lens, ISO 160; 1-second exposure.