A nonprofit run by a Trump administration official is training 'critical race theory activists' to overtake local school boards

Citizens for Renewing America, a conservative social welfare group, believes that critical race theory will "socially substitute" white people.
Kimberl Crenshaw, a lawyer and scholar in law, invented critical race theory.

Citizens for Renewing America offers toolkits that offer tips for building grassroots coalitions in order to end critical race theory.

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Citizens for Renewing America, a conservative social welfare group, is training "critical-race theory activists" in how to organize their communities and win back local school boards.

Russ Vought, a Trump administration official, founded Citizens for Renewing America. The website and materials of Citizens for Renewing America state that critical race theory was a radical theology which will "socially replace", and cause discrimination against whites.

According to the toolkit, "In other words: because people of colour were discriminated against in past, white people (including children in schools) need to be discriminated towards now to make up for it"

"Combating Critical Race Theory in Your Community" provides tips for building grassroots coalitions and recalling school board members, as well as launching political campaigns. This toolkit encourages local groups to set up social media profiles, write op-eds and distribute training materials. It even helps them locate legal advisors in the event of a lawsuit.

Ballotpedia reports that school board members received more recall petitions in the first half 2021 than any other group. There were 126 school board members who faced recall campaigns. Spectrum News in Texas reported that critics of critical race theory were traveling to Texas school board meetings to make their case during public comment. They almost always repeat the same conservative talking points.

Kimberl Crenshaw is a lawyer and scholar who coined the term critical race theory. It refers to a practice and not diversity and inclusion training that recognizes race in our country's institutions and consequently reduces people of color to second-class citizenship according to the American Bar Association.

Vought instructed federal agencies to cancel all contracts and divert funds related to critical race theory and white privilege during his tenure at the Office of Management and Budget. He called it "divisive and anti-American propaganda" and published a September 2020 memo.

Since he was elected president of Citizens for Renewing America 2021, his stance has not changed.

Business Insider reached out Citizens for Renewing America for comments.