The Bubble and the Star Cluster

Astronomy Picture Of The Day Explore the cosmos Every day, a new image or photograph of the universe is presented. A brief explanation by an astronomer is included. 2021 September 25

The Bubble and the Star Cluster

Lorand Fenyes, Copyright & Image Credit

Explanation: This cosmic composition balances the Bubble Nebula to the right with the open star cluster M52. However, the pair would be quite opposite on other scales. The Bubble Nebula is just 10 light-years across. It is embedded in interstellar gas and dust, and blow by winds from an O-type star. M52, on the other hand is a rich cluster with around a thousand stars. It measures 25 light-years in diameter. The Bubble Nebula and its associated cloud complex can be seen towards the northern boundary. Distance estimates for the Bubble Nebula are approximately 11,000 light years away, while M52 is nearly 5,000 light years away. The telescopic view is approximately 1.5 degrees across the sky, or three times as large as a full moon.


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