Sea Lion Jumps Onto Lady's Boat as Hungry Orcas Surround Her

Watch video content @nutabull/Tik Tok
During a boat ride, a woman was surprised to find a sea lion that was afraid for its life. The animal tried to hitch a ride with orcas as they approached.

This wild encounter was captured by @nutabull, a TikTok user who lives on Vancouver Island. There's lots of this kind of action in open water.

She starts her videos with the animal already aboard, which is a surprise to her since she doesn't know how or where it came from. This pinniped has hops!

Watch video content @nutabull/Tik Tok

She also immediately notices the distant presence of a pod containing killer whales. They were beginning to circle her, seemingly seeking this little guy who could become wild fish food.

The orcas come up to the boat to look at the food. Despite the woman's request, they aren't in hurry to return to the water.

It's hilarious and sad, but it's also funny. We all know that once it jumps back inside, it will almost certainly be eaten. There are at most three whales in the area!

She was wayyyyyyy too patient. The seal is getting yeeted Eye- (@castrowas95) September 25, 2021 @castrowas95

We won't spoil the ending. Let's just say, sea lion, that you can rest assured. We are certain you lived a long, prosperous life. That sums it all. BTW, the woman's reasoning for giving it the boot was quite funny as well... responding to someone in her comment.