An NYU professor says fewer men going to college will lead to a 'mating crisis' with the US producing too many 'lone and broke' men

Students at Boston College wear masks when they walk around campus. MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images
The Wall Street Journal reported that women now account for close to 60% of college students. This is a record.

The gap between college-aged men and women is rapidly widening.

Scott Galloway, a professor at NYU, told CNN that the gap is leading towards a "mating crises."

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According to Scott Galloway, a New York University professor, fewer men are going to college than women. This is creating a "mating crisis". Scott Galloway spoke on Saturday to CNN.

The Wall Street Journal reported that 59.5% of college students were women at the end 2020-2021 school year. This is an unprecedented high. This is compared to the 40.5% of college-bound men.

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, in 1970, close to 59% of college students were men, while 41% of all women were enrolled.

The Journal also reported that the gap in education will grow so that, for every man who earns a college diploma, there would be two women.

CNN's Galloway stated that the problem is more than the current numbers, as men are dropping out at a higher rate than women.

He stated, "College is becoming the domain for women and not men."

He said that the problem is caused by rising college costs without any significant improvement in the quality of college. He said that elite universities are focused on providing a luxurious experience, not increasing enrollment.

He also stated that college-aged men have more options than women at their age.

He said, "You can walk onto any Florida construction site, and you can turn on an application, cop, firemen or trade job which, at 18 years old, if you can earn $100 to $200 per day that feels like real cabbage,"

Galloway said that the gap was a danger to society beyond the classroom and that we are creating "dangerous cohorts."

He said that "we have mating inequalities in the country", and added that women who have a college degree don't want partners with men without one.

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He said, "The most dangerous person on the planet is a single and broke male. We are producing too many of them."

He stated that the most unstable violent societies in the globe all share one thing: Young depressed men who don't attach to school or work and don't attach to their relationships.

The Journal stated that there is no "reversal” insight into this gap. While women make up 49%, college-aged people in the United States, in 2021-2022, there were 3,805,978 Common App college application by women, compared to 2,815,810 for men.

While the University of California Los Angeles increased enrollment by 3,000 students in the fall 2020, 90% of the spots were filled by females. The Journal reported that only 41% of UCLA students were males in the same semester.

According to UCLA Vice Provost Youlonda Collett-Morgan, men are less competitive than women for UCLA.

Thomas Mortenson (a senior scholar at Pell Institute for Study of Opportunity in Higher Ed), stated that "Men are falling behind very quickly."

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