‘We now have a murderer on the loose’ Florida sheriff says of deputy shooting suspect

Shortly after Nassau County Bill Leeper stated Saturday that Josh Moyers would not survive Friday's shooting, he offered advice to homeowners who might be confronted by Patrick McDowell.
Leeper stated that if he enters your house and you have a gun and he is threatening to kill you, he will be shot. With his mind, he will kill you.

He acted in an uncalled for manner and was not necessary. He must pay.

Leeper stated Saturday that despite all efforts by the medical staff at UF Health Jacksonville gunshots to Moyers head and back did too much damage. His family made the decision to donate his organs. Moyers is now 29 years old.

Nassau County Sheriffs Office Deputy Josh Moyers

Medical personnel were searching for recipients while law enforcement personnel searched McDowell.

Leeper stated that we now have a murderer in our community.

According to the description, McDowell is 35 years old and has blue eyes, brown hair, and large earring holes. According to a Duval County arrest report, McDowell is 6-foot tall and weighed in at around 180 pounds. After a Duval County conviction for falsifying bills, he is currently on probation as a drug offender until November 23, 2022.

McDowells was considered dangerous and armed, even though court records show that he has military training. Leeper stated that McDowell shot a deputy dog he was trying to locate.

First Coast Crimestoppers, Florida Deputy Association, and Florida Sheriffs Association have each contributed $5,000 to a reward fund for information leading McDowell's capture. First Coast Crimestoppers can be reached at 866-845-88477 (TIPS).

Traffic stop at a tragic moment

Leeper spoke Friday in a voice that quavered, stopped, and started, swinging to each emotion bar.

Moyers was heading out on what Leeper called a minor call just a few minutes before Friday. He was driving behind a burgundy Chrysler minivan when he got a call from Leeper.

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Leeper stated that a man was driving along with a woman in his passenger seat. However, he did not have a drivers license, and he also gave Moyers an unofficial name. The tag was returned to a different car. Leeper stated that they would find out if the minivan was stolen in Jacksonville.

Moyers went back to the minivan and told the driver everything and asked him if he had weapons or if he would get out of the car. Moyers reached for their car door. Moyers reached for the car door as a train roared towards them, activating the crossing lights.

The deputy was shot once more by the driver's arm, which is captured on video.

He continued to speak, his voice becoming louder. He continued to speed ahead, even before the railroad crossing arms came down. He made it through.

Leeper stated that deputies located the minivan in a wooded area. McDowell was identified as the driver and shooter, according to Leeper.