Megan Fox's newest tattoo is an apparent tribute to Machine Gun Kelly. Here's a complete guide to all of her ink.

Megan Fox is an actor. Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Megan Fox, actress, has at least nine tattoos.

Some are references or works of literature. Some are tributes to her close friends.

Insider has created a complete guide of all Fox's tattoos.

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On her back, you will see the Chinese symbol for strength.

Fox has a tattoo of a Chinese symbol on her back. Vince Bucci/Getty Images

In black ink, the actress has a tattoo that depicts the Chinese symbol of "strength" at the back of her neck.

Fox often wears her hair down for events so it isn't often photographed and seen by fans. It is visible when Fox pulls her hair back.

She has not confirmed when the tattoo was done.

A tattoo she has is a reference to the last scene of William Shakespeare's play, "King Lear."

Megan Fox sports a tattoo with a Shakespeare quote on the back. Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Fox's right shoulder bears a tattoo reading, "We will all laugh about gilded butterflies."

These words refer to a scene in Act Five, Scene 3 of Shakespeare's 1606 play King Lear. However, the tattoo is not a direct quotation from the text.

Shakespeare wrote: "So, we'll live and pray, sing, tell old stories, and laugh about gilded butterflies."

Fox has a tattoo on her wrist that looks like yin/yang.

Fox sports a black tattoo on the wrist. Toni Anne Barson Archive/Getty Images

On the inside of her wrist, the "Rogue" star sports a black symbol. Fox has not confirmed the meaning of the art but it vaguely resembles yin/yang.

John Bellaimey, head of Breck School's religion department, explained in his Ted-Ed talk, "The Hidden Meanings of Yin and Yang", that the symbol of duality is rooted in an ancient Chinese religion and philosophy called Daoism.

The yin is the dark circle, while the yang the light one. Bellaimey explained that each side contains a dot in the opposite color. Bellaimey added, "Everything has the seed of its opposite."

Fox's tattoo shows the shape of the yin/yang symbol but is not the same black-and white pattern.

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A crescent moon and a star are her ankles.

Fox has a tattoo at her ankle. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

This colorful tattoo shows a moon atop a blue star.

Fox has not confirmed the significance of the ink, but she has spoken many times about her interest and passion for astrology.

She said that there is something to it even though we don't know all the details. This makes it easier for people to benefit from each other, she stated on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Fox met Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Bake) in 2020 while filming "Midnight in the Switchgrass". She said that she had read his astrological chart when she first met him.

"I invited him to my trailer for lunch and put him through all the astrology stuff. I went deep right away. Before I did his chart, I knew he had a Pisces Moon. She said, "Give them Lala... with Randall" that she could tell his energy.

Fox has a poem tattooed to her side.

Fox has a poem inked on her side. Yui Mok - PA Images/Getty images

The tattoo says: "There was once a little girl who never found love until a boy broke it.

Fox has not confirmed the original location of the words or the date she added the design in her collection.

On her back is a Friedrich Nietzsche quote.

Fox sports a tattoo on her left side. Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Fox has the phrase, "And those seen dancing were considered insane by those who couldn't hear the music," tattooed to her side.

Friedrich Nietzsche (19th-century German philosopher, cultural critic) is the person who gave this quote.

Fox said that the tattoo was "sort of" in her honor of Mickey Rourke, but she later clarified that it is "not necessarily an homage to him."

"It wasn't about that. A tattoo I have is a quote from Nietzsche that basically talks about how it is important to march to your own drumbeat and not be afraid to do so. She said that it reminded me of Mickey because he clearly doesn't march to any other drummer's drumbeat.

Fox has Brian Austin Green, her ex-husband tattooed on her hip.

Fox was inked with the name of Brian Austin Green. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Fox, who was still in a relationship to Green, got a tattoo that paid tribute to the "Beverly Hills 90210” actor. His first name is in cursive font and sits on Fox's inner hip.

Although Fox and Green have split, their relationship lasted approximately 16 years.

They started dating in 2004 and were married in 2010. They briefly parted ways in 2015, but rekindled their relationship in 2016. Fox and Green share three sons, Noah, 8, Bodhi (7, and Journey (5).

They split again in early 2020 and Jenny Kelly, the actress from "Jennifer's Body", made public her relationship with Kelly shortly afterwards.

Later in the year, Fox filed for divorce from Green.

Marilyn Monroe's tattoo was removed from her forearm.

Fox was a Marilyn Monroe tattoo artist. Jun Sato/Getty Images; Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Shortly after finishing production on "Transformers," Fox had Marilyn Monroe's portrait drawn on her forearm.

"I have always liked her and been fascinated by her, as she created a character she could live with. In all her movies, she was always playing a role within another character. She said that she believes the psychology behind it is very fascinating during a 2009 interview with The New York Times.

Fox said, "I didn’t want to be literal." "I didn't want someone to place on my arm that I desired to imitate."

She also told Us Weekly in the same year that she had the tattoo as a warning to herself.

"I admire Marilyn Monroe. But I wouldn't try to imitate her. The tattoo was a warning. She explained that the tattoo warns me to not let myself be treated badly by the film industry, so it breaks me down."

Fox revealed plans to remove the tattoo in 2011 after learning of the actress' struggles with mental disorders during an interview with Amica (an Italian magazine).

She was bipolar and suffered from personality disorders. "It's a negative character. According to HuffPost, she said that she does not wish to attract such negative energy.

CinemaBlend also reported that she went through a period in which she tried to get rid of any negative influences, such as the Monroe tattoo.

There's been so much discussion about whether she committed suicide or was she killed, and there's so much negativity surrounding her. Fox stated that it wasn't like she needed to have it on her body.

She said, "It's no that I don't like her. I got it in first place because everybody loves Marilyn." She suffered a lot.

Kelly, her boyfriend, appears to have inspired her collarbone tattoo.

Fox appears to have had a tribute tattoo to Machine Gun Kelly. Kevin Mazur/AMA2020/Getty Images

Fox and Kelly made red-carpet debuts as a couple at 2020 American Music Awards. Fans noticed a small, black tattoo placed on Kelly's collarbone as they took photographs. In black ink, the ink says "el pistolero", which in Spanish means "the gunman".

Many social media users suggested that Fox was inked to honor her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly. However, the actress has not confirmed the tattoo's meaning.

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