Britney Spears was 'scared' and 'crying' after she smelled weed backstage during a tour stop: 'I will fail a drug test. I won't see my boys'

Britney Spears performing on the 2018 "Piece of Me” tour. Dave Hogan/BCU18/Getty Images For BCU
Britney Spears was "scared and crying" after she smelled marijuana during her "Circus Tour".

According to "Controlling Britney Sppears", she was afraid she wouldn't see her children.

Tish Yates, a former wardrobe head, said that Spears was "bolted" after inhaling the marijuana smoke.

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Britney Spears was afraid she would fail a drug test, and not be able to see her children. She allegedly smelled weed smoke at a tour stop. According to "The New York Times Presents": Controlling Britney.

Tish Yates was the head of wardrobe on the 2009 "Circus Tour". She remembered that Spears, as many other artists, would be placed in a wheel case and driven out to the stage. This would allow her to avoid having to go past thousands of people.

Yates stated that Spears was distressed by the smell of marijuana as she made her way to the stage.

"She is distraught. Yates said that she was upset. She yells, "It smells of pot. It smells of pot. It is impossible for me to breathe. It is impossible for me to breathe it. I will fail a drug screening. "I won't be able to see my boys."

She ran away. She ran to get to her dressing area. She was crying. She was crying," said the "Circus' wardrobe head.

Yates said, "The extent of her fear really opened my eyes," "She is crying, and the show continues."

Britney Spears in 2013 with Jayden James & Sean Preston Federline Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers via Getty Images

Spears' 2009 tour "Circus", which began one year after she was placed in a conservatorship by a court, with Jamie her father as conservator of her estate. Spears also had a custody battle in 2008 with Kevin Federline, but they now share custody of their sons Jayden and Sean.

Spears has spoken out about the abuse conservatorship since then, and a New York Times documentary titled "Framing Britney Spears" from earlier in the year sheds even more light on the controversial arrangement.

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After a New York Times report that Spears was "forced" into performing against her will, a 2018 video in which Spears admitted to having 102-degree fever during a concert surfaced.

The video shows Spears greeting an audience member who was brought onto stage from the audience. She begins by telling him that it's hot up here.

She said, "I'm about passing out," to the crowd. "I'm sick. "I have a 102 fever right here."

Spears also testified in court that she was forced to continue on birth control, and was therefore unable to marry Sam Asghari.

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