Republican Maricopa County supervisors call on Kelli Ward to resign from GOP leadership

After the release of the audit report by the state Senate, Republicans on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have called for Kelli Ward to be removed as Arizona GOP Chairwoman. Kelli Ward is closely aligned to former President Donald Trump.
Clint Hickman, Supervisor, urged the top-ranking Republicans in the state to step down, including Governor. Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich urged Kimberly Yee, the state Treasurer, to ask Ward to resign over her role in questioning 2020 elections results in Maricopa County.

"She caused a fracture within our party. Hickman stated that she has acted outside the boundaries of the party for the sole purpose of helping herself," Hickman told KTAR News Friday.


Ward was a crucial part of building momentum for the audit in Maricopa County's 2 million ballots. He was also critical of the county board which is controlled by Republicans after Trump's defeat.

Ward stated in January that "I think they're going to achieve pretty poor results from whatever it does," in response to an audit of county elections.

Hickman stated Friday that the board had "always tried this County has always tried to cooperate with the legislative branch, and the judiciary branch to bring out evidence or fact." He also said that those who supported the Senate audit "decided not to act on conjecture apparently."

Another Republican, Supervisor Bill Gates, said Hickman's words that the party needed to "choose a new direction, rooted in truth and good politics."

Gates tweeted, "I stand with my colleague here calling to @kelliwardazs resignation." "The @AZGOPs have done nothing but push lies regarding our electoral system, ignore down-ballot races & lose federal & State elections under her leadership."

My colleague calls for @kelliwardazs resignation. The @AZGOPs have done nothing but spread lies about our electoral system, ignore down-ballot races, and lose federal & state election under her leadership. We must choose a new direction rooted in truth & good politics Bill Gates (@billgatesaz) September 24, 2021

The Republican-led Senate sent a report from its review to the chamber Friday. It confirmed President Joe Biden’s victory over Trump in the County and didn’t assert that fraudulent ballots had been cast.

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However, Karen Fann, Senate President, referred the report at Brnovich. She stated that the report raised "urgent issues" and "suggest a less-than perfect adherence to Arizona standards and best practices."

According to the canvasses after the election, Trump was defeated in Arizona by Biden by 10,457 votes and by 45.109 votes in Maricopa County.

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