Chelsea 0-1 Man City: Pep Guardiola's men have sent out powerful message to Premier League rivals

Chelsea 0-1 Man City: Pep lauds 'incredible' players after winning at Stamford Bridge
Pep Guardiola's body language doesn't hide his emotions and it shouted out how much Manchester City's win at Chelsea meant for him and his manager.

Guardiola was rewarded with a 1-0 win and it was confirmed by Gabriel Jesus's 53rd minute goal. This was the 221st victory overall, the most ever at Manchester City.

However, this was an afterthought to a performance that had all the hallmarks champions. It sent a strong message to Chelsea and other rivals that Manchester City won't give up its crown easily.

You wouldn't have known, but you might have if you were to watch Guardiola in his technical area. It was a blur of discontent, agitation, joy when Gabriel Jesus struck, and the tic-tac micromanagement that is his trademark.

Kevin de Bruyne's pass was unsuccessful late on. The sound of a plastic bottle thwacking around Stamford Bridge could be heard as it struck the turf, before ricocheting into high air.

Guardiola turned his back and ordered substitutes Raheem sterling and Fernandinho to be brought on board before Chelsea could get an equaliser.

Thomas Tuchel finally lost to Pep Guardiola

All was well in the end. Guardiola was more relaxed and was able reflect on an impressive display from first to last. The only problem was City's inability to convert a host of second-half opportunities that could have made Guardiola's final few minutes more enjoyable.

Guardiola was questioned this season about the lack of a recognized striker, particularly when they couldn't even score in the draw at Southampton.

Guardiola believes his squad is adaptable and has the quality to win. This was demonstrated by Guardiola when Phil Foden started as a false nine and Chelsea being faced with a variety of attacking threats.

Guardiola stated that while we sometimes believe we need a striker to finish, the most important thing is how we play. It is important to do it together as a team. It's the same as last season. Sergio Aguero was hurt all year, and we won Premier League."

He said, "We played for one another, ran for one another and passed the ball to each other. I am watching The Ryder Cup, and I can see how they play for one another. It's nice to play football. Although it's only three points, the way we played was amazing.

It's a great way to begin the fascinating week ahead.

Chelsea 0-1 Man City

It's fascinating to see Guardiola and Manchester City travel by train to Paris St-Germain for the Champions League, before they meet Liverpool at Anfield next weekend.

This was a great start. Many regarded the champions as underdogs after Chelsea's excellent start to the season, their Champions League status, and the addition Romelu Lukaku (97.5m) to the team.

Guardiola was heavily criticised after he failed to select a holding midfielder during the Champions League Final defeat. Guardiola did not make the same mistake as Rodri, who was the right man for the job and woven it all together while City controlled the crucial phases.

Lukaku experienced one of those afternoons where his touch was weak and his radar was off, but he was able to defend himself against City's defense partnership of Ruben Dias and Aymeric Laporte. It was a formidable barrier.

It was a sign that City were at ease and Chelsea were betrayed in their negative outlook. Thomas Tuchel's side didn't have one shot on target. This is a shocking statistic at Stamford Bridge.

Bernardo Silva was also asked questions about his future by City when they were interested in Tottenham's Harry Kane. He has since looked like a player who is re-energized and was once again at the core of City's greatest work.

Gabriel Jesus scored the goal at Stamford Bridge.

Jack Grealish treats his 100m price tag as a joy and not a burden. He probes throughout, smiles his way through many difficult challenges, and looks perfectly at home among the champions.

This win was important in the larger context because it would have been a blow to City at the beginning of these crucial eight days, but it would have given Chelsea hope that they may be untouchable this season.

City, however, did not give Chelsea a chance and took control from kick-off to play with the poise and intent of champions. They will be leaving west London happy after teaching their Champions League Final winners a lesson.

Chelsea were, however, strangely passive. This was due to Tuchel's selections of three defensive-minded midfielders, Mateo Kovacic, Jorginho, and N'Golo Kante. Or a lack conviction. It was a shadow from the team that looked so strong under Tuchel.

Manchester City looked and performed like a team that was ready to set a precedent and show their rivals that they mean business. Chelsea ran right into it.

Guardiola won't let one win fool him, nor will Tuchel. However, City moved on after their victory at Chelsea. They hope that this win will have the same effect.