Cobra Kai Season 4 Teaser Reveals Release Date and New Threats

That's how The Karate Kid ended. It was how The Karate Kid Part III ended. It's how Cobra Kai season 1 ended. All Valley Karate Championships are back in Cobra Kai season 4, and all the action hits on the mat December 31.


This is the date Netflix announced as the return date for the fourth season. Last season, long-time enemies Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), teamed up to fight a new threat: the evil Cobra Kai led by John Kreese. But Sensei Kreese isnt alone. Terry Silver, the original owner of Cobra Kais, has been added to the mix by Sensei Kreese. This teaser gives you a sneak peak at what's next.

Cobra Kai's creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald have a lot to be proud of. They tell a compelling story that blends the old and new generations. It is also how they pay homage the classic movies. It was Okinawa, like Karate Kid Part II. Daniel met up with old friends Kumiko (Tamlyn Thomasa) and Chozen(Yuji Okumoto). Later, they brought Ali, Elizabeth Shues' character from the original film back.

We know that they are bringing back Karate Kid Part IIIs Terry Silver, which opens up a lot of possibilities. Each season has at least one surprise beyond what was revealed, so you have to wonder what the season holds for next season. Oh, did you forget? Cobra Kai was renewed for season five.

Are you going to binge-watch all four seasons of Cobra Kai when it comes out December 31st? What surprise would it be for you to experience? Please tell us about it below.

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