Poll: Do you prefer foldable displays or dual-screen phones?

Microsoft has finally released the Surface Duo 2 this week with many upgrades. Although the device has a similar slim design, the internals of the device have been vastly improved to be able to compete with the top Android phones in 2021. Microsoft appears to have won the battle against last year's Surface Duo with a predecessor-gen chipset and a basic camera setup.
The Surface Duo will be up against the Galaxy Z Fold 3 which has a folding OLED screen and not a dual-screen. We want to know what type of phone you prefer.

You can make a case for either type of display. Foldables can be used to view fullscreen content such as movies and videos, but they also work well for large screens. However, it isn't perfect and Google and Samsung are working to improve the foldable app experience.

Samsung has also improved multitasking on its foldable, but it can be argued that a dual screen smartphone is better equipped. Microsoft now has a dual-screen folding device with a modern chip and more RAM. This could allow for better multitasking.

Dual displays could be used by some apps, especially for games with services such as Xbox Game Pass. The experience can be tepid, and fullscreen video on a dual-screen smartphone isn't ideal unless you have an LG Wing.