Netflix's Sandman Reveals New Footage, and Death Would Like a Word

We have seen glimpses of Netflixs adaptation of Neil Gaimans The Sandman, and we've heard about its interesting casting. However, Netflix has not revealed any views on the Endless, an anthropomorphic family at the heart of the story. This was true up to today's Tudum event.


This live-action tale (the tale was previously done in audio) is based upon Gaimans comic, which ran under DCs now-defunct Vertigo imprint between the 80s and 90s. There have been resurgences. Jill Thompson and Shawn McManus were among the artists involved. After months of fans wondering how Netflix's new series might compare to the original comic, Netflix presented the series at a presentation hosted Neil Gaiman and Kirby Howell Baptiste, actors who play Dream and Death. Have a look.

This film has a stellar cast. Gwendoline Christy plays Lucifer, Mason Alexander Park is Desire, another Dreams sibling, Donna Preston portrays Desires twin, Despair, Vivienne Ampong as Lucien and Charles Dance portrays Roderick Burgess. Boyd Holbrook plays the Corinthean. Sanjeev Bhhaskar plays Cain. Asim Chaudhry plays Abel. Jenna Coleman is Johanna Constantine. Joely Richardson, Niamh Walsh, and David Thewlis will play Ethel Cripps' younger and older versions, respectively. Kyo Ra will portray Rose Walker, Stephen Fry, Roses protector, while Razane Jammal, Roses close friend, will play Lyta Hill. Sandra James Young will play Unity Kincaid, Roses benefactor and a wealthy heiress, while Stephen Fry will play Gilbert, Roses protector, and Razane Jammal will play Lyta Hall, Roses closest friend.

These are brand new character posters that were also posted to the official social media channels @Netflix_Sandman and @thesandmanofficial.

Image: Netflix Image: Netflix Image: Netflix 1/3

In 2022, Netflix will begin streaming The Sandman.

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