How to watch Netflix’s major Tudum event today

Today, Netflix will launch a huge fan event. Tudum, named after the ubiquitous chime that plays in front of Netflix titles, is a global event featuring a wide range of news, trailers and celebrity appearances. This is basically the Lollapalooza for Netflix news. Anyone who wants to keep up with the latest announcements from the streaming service will want to tune in.
What is Tudum?

Tudum, a global mega-event for Netflix, is the first. The event will begin Saturday with more than 145 celebrities and 70-plus series. It will also feature 28 films and a few hours of live streaming. You can expect exclusive clips and news about upcoming titles such as Stranger Things, Tiger King and Cobra Kai, The Witcher and Red Notice starring Dwayne John and Ryan Reynolds.

Tudum will be offered in 29 languages

What time is Tudum?

The event will begin at 9 AM PT (or 12 PM ET for East Coast readers). The main event will run for three hours. However, Netflix will host pre-shows of Korean and Indian series and films, as well anime programming, which will start at 5 AM PT (8AM ET).

Where can I see Tudum?

Great question! Netflix will stream Tudum worldwide on its YouTube channels, Twitch and Facebook.

Is there a Tudum calendar?

It is! You can find a handy guide to Netflix below that breaks down the shows by hour.