A woman was charged with arson in connection to a California wildfire that has burned 10,000 acres. Officials say she walked out of the brush with a lighter.

A house in flames near Old Oregon Trail is destroyed by the Fawn Fire, which erupted about 10 miles north from Redding, Shasta County, Calif. on Thursday, September 23, 2021. Ethan Swope/Associated Press
The Fawn Fire began Wednesday, and has now engulfed nearly 10,000 acres of Northern California.

A woman was found with a lighter near the scene and has been charged for felony arson.

Officials suspect she could be a serial arsonist, and are looking into her connections to other fires.

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Officials announced Friday that a woman was arrested and charged with felony Arson for a Northern California wildfire that destroyed homes and forced evacuations.

The Fawn Fire broke out Wednesday afternoon in Shasta County. It quickly spread. Cal Fire released a press release saying that Alexandra Souverneva (30), was taken into custody on Thursday.

A number of civilians reported to police that a woman was wandering around the area acting "irrationally" and trespassing. Cal Fire met Souverneva later that evening as she walked from the brush close to the place where the fire started. She spoke to firefighters, stating that she was severely dehydrated and needed medical attention.

At Friday's press conference, Stephanie A. Bridgett, Shasta County District attorney, stated that she had a lighter in her purse. Souverneva was taken into custody at the scene. A preliminary investigation revealed that arson was the cause.

Officials believe Souverneva may be linked to other fires in the state and county. They are currently investigating.

-CBS Sacramento CBS13 (@CBSSacramento) September 25, 2021

Bridgett stated, "We are aware of possible additional fires in our county that may be connected to her,"

Bridgett states that Souverneva could face a maximum sentence of nine years imprisonment in state prison. Bridgett advised that people be extra cautious in dry and drought conditions.

She said, "My office will not hesitate prosecute anyone who either intentionally and recklessly starts fire."

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J.T. reported that the Fawn Fire was only 10% contained as of Friday. During the press conference, Zulliger, chief of the Cal Fire battalion, stated.

California has seen wildfires that have destroyed nearly 2 million acres this year.

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