Shelley Ross, Chris Cuomo's former boss who alleges he sexually harassed her 16 years ago, says the CNN anchor is 'no more enlightened today than he was then'

Shelley Ross, Chris Cuomo. Desiree Navarr/WireImage via Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Shelley Ross, an ex-ABC producer, claimed Friday that Chris Cuomo had sexually harassed and threatened her in 2005.

She said that Insider Cuomo is "no more enlightened than he was back then".

Ross stated that she believed Cuomo had not done the necessary work to improve himself since the incident.

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Shelley Ross was Chris Cuomo’s former boss at ABC. She accused him of sexually harassing them.

After writing an opinion piece in The New York Times, in which she claimed that Cuomo grabbed her biceps in 2005 at a going away party for a Manhattan colleague, she spoke to Insider about Cuomo.

Ross was at the time the executive producer for an ABC entertainment special. She previously worked as Cuomo’s executive producer at Primetime Live. Insider reported that Ross believed Cuomo hadn’t done the necessary work to improve himself since the incident.

She said, "I was hoping that he would have changed in 15, 16 years, but he is no more enlightened than he was back then, as evidenced by his response."

Cuomo responded to Ross's op-ed by telling The Times that "Shelly acknowledges that our interaction wasn't sexual in nature. It took place 16 years ago, in public, when she was a high-ranking executive at ABC. "I did not mean to apologize."

Insider reached Cuomo but did not receive a response immediately.

Ross stated that Ross's response "demonstrated” that he hadn't grown from the incident.

"I don’t believe there was any interaction between us." She said that she was not a participant. "I was groped. So, I would say that I acknowledged interaction. This is a sign of lack of enlightenment.

Ross received an email from Cuomo after the 2005 incident in which he stated that he was embarrassed and then apologized to Ross for "putting you in such position."

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