A female soldier at Fort Bliss said she was assaulted by a group of male Afghan refugees, officials say

Officials Friday said that a Fort Bliss soldier claimed she was attacked by a group Afghan refugees.
The FBI is currently investigating the incident.

Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are temporarily accommodated at US military bases.

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Officials said that a Fort Bliss female soldier reported being attacked by a group made up of Afghan refugees.

"We can confirm that a female soldier supporting Operation Allies was attacked by a small number of male evacuees on Sept. 19, according to Lt. Col. Allie Payne (director of Public Affairs Fort Bliss, 1st Armored Division)," said ABC-7.

Payne stated that additional security measures will be implemented at the Doa Ana Complex. She also said that the soldier received counseling and medical care. Payne also stated that the FBI is currently investigating.

ABC-7 was informed by sources familiar with the matter that the attack was not sexual and that the soldier was attacked in the vicinity of her car upon arriving on duty.

Female soldiers are subject to violence, including sexual assault and harassment. Futures Without Violence reports that women in military are more vulnerable to abuse because of their geographical isolation from friends and family, as well as the possibility of social isolation within military culture.

Tens of thousands Afghan allies and refugees were evacuated during the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. They were then sent back to the USA. According to a federal document obtained from The New York Times, nearly 49,000 people are currently held at eight military bases across the country while they await resettlement.