LA Clippers -- 'No one knows' time frame for Kawhi Leonard's return from ACL injury

The Clippers have a ceremony to break ground for a new arena. However, the entertainment doesn’t seem to be enough to entertain Kawhi Leonard or Paul George. (1:00)
Lawrence Frank stated that Kawhi Leonard is still in "significant rehabilitation" after his ACL injury. He also said that no one knows when or if he will be back on the field.

Leonard had surgery on July 13 to fix a partial tear in the right ACL. He is expected to remain out of work for a prolonged time.

Frank, the president of basketball operations for the team, replied that he didn't think Leonard would play this season. "It's hard to predict when you will be able to recover from an ACL [injury] and the timeline.

"Even just for you guys to ask throughout the year. It's not a difficult task to tackle. He has a detailed plan and a great team. We'll let his body and doctors decide when it's time.

Leonard was injured in the fourth quarter of Game 4 against the Utah Jazz, Western Conference semifinals. The team described it as a sprained right leg that caused him to miss Los Angeles' final eight playoff matches.

Frank said that Center Serge Ibaka will be restricted as he recovers from back surgery in June. He will then participate in drills for training camp.

Jason Preston, the rookie point guard in the 2021 draft, was injured in a group exercise this week. He will not be able to begin training camp next week in San Diego. Frank stated that the severity of Preston's injury to his foot will be determined over the next few days.

Frank would also not discuss whether Clippers staff and players are up to date with their vaccinations as camp begins on Tuesday.

Frank stated that he personally supports vaccinations. He believes in science and accepts the evidence. "But when speaking on behalf players or staff, I don't feel comfortable sharing this type of information except personally, my beliefs, and the education we give everyone within the organization. That's not my news.


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