People are 'de-worming' themselves using digestive supplements, but experts say they're just flushing out good bacteria

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TikTokers use digestive supplements to deworm their gut.

ParaGuard flushes out some users' systems and they find dead worms in their poop.

Experts don't believe ParaGuard is able to deworm you. It could also damage your gut microbiome.

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TikTok users use herbal supplements like ParaGuard to deworm themselves.

ParaGuard, an herbal supplement, contains wormwood and pumpkin seed. It is designed to aid digestion, according the Zahler product site.

People who claim to have used the supplement to deworm their guts say that they found worm carcasses in the poop and feel less groggy.

@pengken007, a TikTok user, shared with her followers that she'd never had intestinal parasites. She said that she discovered this after taking ParaGuard for seven consecutive days.

"So, I have Worms. You know what this means? Everybody has worms. She said that everyone needs to deworm themselves.

However, experts warn that DIY deworming with ParaGuard can be harmful and can damage your gut microbiome.

Supplements taken without consulting your doctor can cause stomach problems.

Experts say ParaGuard or other de-worming products can not only be ineffective but also dangerous.

BuzzFeed's Gastroenterologist Dr. Sabine Hazan said that the nutrients supplements flush out are essential for gut health.

It's part of our microbiome. Hazan stated that stool should be made up of bacteria, fungus and parasites.

"They might be removing beneficial microbes from their gut. This is a bad thing because you can't get them back once they are gone."

Hazan stated that even if you believe you may have worms, it is important to see a doctor before ordering supplements or medication online.

The majority of people don't require deworming

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Adults don't need to deworm. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you are unlikely to find roundworms or tapeworms following a cleanse.

Nebraska Medicine's Dr. Peter Mannon stated that it is unlikely that an average person has active parasites in his or her gut.

"I question the effectiveness of these parasite cleansings."

Dr. Meghan Martin, a pediatric emergency physician, stated that pinworms are the most prevalent worms in America and should be taken seriously. They are more common in children than in adults.

Martin stated on TikTok that if you drink fresh water and eat properly cooked meats, then you don't need deworming.

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