Possible Brian Laundrie Sighting at Hotel in Canada, TikToker Captures Image

Watch video content @cwlynnn/TikTok
Brian Laundrie brazenly attempts to check into Canadian hotels when he's on the run. At least, that's what one TikToker suggests, based upon a sighting this week.

According to the woman, Gabby Petito was last Monday's fiance (or at least someone who looks similar to him) at a Toronto hotel. She claims she witnessed the man "getting flustered" after he left the hotel to get in a car with another guy.

According to @cwlynnn, the woman is a TikTok user and apparently a flight attendant. She claims that she told the hotel staff it could have been Laundrie. However, he wasn't at the right hotel and didn’t know where he was going.

She also uploaded a blurry picture of the man...with a mask around his chin. It is not clear if the woman also reported the sightings to the police along with the staff at the hotel.

We reported that there was another possible Laundrie sighting in Baker, FL earlier this week. It happened approximately 500 miles away from his home. The sighting was captured on a trail camera by a man in the wilderness. The search for Brian was not over, and it was later confirmed by police.

After Wednesday's arrest warrant was issued, Laundrie was officially declared wanted. He is charged with one count for unauthorized access devices. The prosecutors say Laundrie used a Capital One Bank debit account belonging to Gabby. However, they made it clear that the warrant was "related to Mr. Laundries activities after the death of Gabrielle Petito."