Baby On Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Cover Begs Them To Nix Genitalia Pic for 30th

Universal Music is about to commemorate the 30th anniversary Nirvana's "Nevermind", with several multi-format CD reissues... But the baby on the iconic album cover only has one message: Don't use the damned genitalia pic! You can read more!
Spencer Elden, the man who was the naked child pictured in the swimming pool on Nirvana’s 1991 iconic album cover, has sued over the image. Maggie Mabie, Elden's lawyer, told TMZ that she is requesting Universal to remove the image of Elden’s genitalia on all future album covers.

Mabie also says that it's time for "end to child exploitation and violationof privacy". Every year, on the anniversary of the release "Nevermind", Elden must be prepared for increased, unwelcome attention from media and fans.

She said that Elden is once more afraid of being ridiculed and mocked by the public with Friday's 30th anniversary of the album's release.

There's also this: Universal plans to issue multi-format reissues starting November 12. A total of 94 audio/video tracks, including 70 previously unreleased, will be available on digital, CD and single-disc vinyl. There will also be a bonus 7 inch. All reissues were digitally remastered. Video tracks can be found on CD or Blu-ray.

It's all good and dandy, but Elden demands that Universal stop using the famous naked child on future album covers.