Simone Biles almost comes to blows with Jimmy Kimmel over pizza

Simone Biles, the U.S. Olympic gymnastics champ, is busy with her Gold Over America tour. It's a celebration of women athletes across America. She did manage to get time to talk with Jimmy Kimmel, and they disagreed about Biles' favorite tour food: pizza.
Biles' favorite place in St. Louis is Imo's Pizza. Kimmel's wife is the same. In fact, he bought her a Valentine's Day box one year.

"It's very, very bad pizza," said Kimmel.

"No, it isn't!" Biles replied, "First of all that's so mean!"

They almost fought over the pizza dispute, but Kimmel surprised Biles by giving him a box. All was well.

The gold medallist gymnast declared, "It's an excellent 10." We believe you, Simone.