'Sorry Heineken,' Washington Football Team QB Taylor Heinicke gets unexpected beer endorsement

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It's easy to partner with Heineken beer if your last name is Heinicke. That was at least the thought of Taylor Heinicke, the Washington Football Team's current quarterback.

Although Heinicke's plan to form a Heineken partnership didn’t pan out the way he wanted, his persistence led to support from Heineken Light.

Heinicke admitted that he tried to be sponsored by Heineken earlier in the week.

"I'm trying man. "I might just call out Bud Light at some point."

Yes, Heinicke wants a Heineken endorsement. There is nothing yet. Maybe we should start shooting for Bud Light. pic.twitter.com/enfR7dJwqw John Keim (@john_keim) September 21, 2021

Heinicke said that the joke took root in Washington. It was after the Tampa match last year. I tried really hard to get it. My agent claimed that they had sent me 24 packs at home but I never received them. They said that they couldn't deliver to me because there is a Heineken gas station just a block away.

When asked if Heineken was something he had always enjoyed, the quarterback said it was more of an affinity for beer. "I enjoy three to four beers. He said, "Just relax and watch some football." "I would rather have a few beers than drink some shots."

Heinicke has quickly become a fan favorite of Washingtonites. It appears that Bud Light heard him cry and delivered to his address.

SIGNED. Taylor Heinicke officially joins Bud Light. From now on, he is Taylor #BudLighticke pic.twitter.com/lHN2xYyx2k Bud Light (@budlight) September 22, 2021

... Thus, "BudLighticke was born."

The 28-year old -- the latest starter for a franchise, in the middle of a painful 29 year search to fill the vacant position that has been marred by poor timing, unenviable fortune and questionable decisions -- has had a remarkable journey.

Heinicke was thrust into the spotlight last season when he played in a playoff match against Alex Smith, who was injured. Heinicke was a student at Old Dominion for just one month.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was his backup in 2021, but he quickly took over the starting position when Fitzpatrick sustained a hip injury during Week 1. Heinicke led Washington to a victory over the New York Giants in Week 2. He threw for 336 yards, two touchdowns and led Washington to a 30-29 win.

John Keim, a reporter for ESPN's Washington Football Team contributed to this article.