Leaked documents show Cyber Ninjas' audit in Arizona validates Joe Biden's presidential win over Trump

Cyber Ninjas, the group responsible for Arizona's election audit will release its findings Friday.

Insider was able to obtain a copy the audit report. It confirms Biden's victory at Maricopa County.

The audit revealed that Trump lost 261 votes.

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Arizona's election audit is now complete after months of secret work. The audit group Cyber Ninjas will announce its findings Friday. Insider has a draft copy. These results show no significant differences between the official Maricopa County count and Cyber Ninjas' recount.

Cyber Ninja's 110-page audit found that Trump had received 261 less votes than the Maricopa County canvass, and that Biden received 99 more votes.

Cyber Ninjas

Randy Pullen, a spokesperson for the audit, told KJZZ Phoenix that the draft was not the final report but that it was close.

After Biden won the first Democrat victory in Maricopa County since 1948, the Republicans of Arizona's State Senate commissioned Cyber Ninjas as the audit's helm.

The executive summary of the report stated that "What has been discovered is both encouraging as well as alarming." "On the plus side, there were no significant differences in the hand count of ballots received and official canvass results for County. This is a significant finding due to concerns before the audit.

It was stated that most of Cyber Ninjas concerns stemmed from Maricopa County's refusal to "cooperate" with the audit.

Cyber Ninjas audit was marred with a lack transparency. Experts outside warned that the findings "should not be trusted." The US Election Assistance Commission has not accredited Cyber Ninjas to test voting systems.

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Both Republicans and Democrats were critical of the substandard and unorthodox methods used to audit.

After it was revealed that they were testing around 40K Biden ballots for "bamboo fibres", critics slammed the group in May. This was to verify a far-fetched theory that some votes were flown in from Asia.

Jack Sellers, chairman of Maricopa County Board, has long been critical of the audit. He told AZCentral that "the tabulation equipment counted ballots as it was designed to do and the results reflect will of voters."

He said, "This should be it," and he went on. "All else is just noise."

Trump was inspired by Arizona's audit and demanded that Texas Governor. Greg Abbott, despite having won Texas by over 5 percentage points, demanded an audit of Texas' elections on Thursday.

Insider reached out to Cyber Ninjas for comment but they did not respond immediately. Karen Fann (president of the Arizona senatorate) also didn't immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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