Man accused of sexually assaulting horse escapes jail in Colorado

It is possible to lead a horse to water but not to sexually assault it.
Jonah Barrett-Lesko, who allegedly filmed himself molesting horses in June, was taken into custody by law enforcement officers Tuesday. He had escaped Durango, Colo. jail where he was being held on trespassing and other charges stemming out of a series of robberies. The Durango Herald reports that he was captured in a creek nearby wearing only his underwear after a 26-minute chase.

Durango police launched a manhunt after being alerted that a suspect aged 25 had been seen running past a Home Depot in a uniform. Barrett-Lesko eventually shed his jumpsuit. According to police, this made it easier for them to spot him. He was quickly captured.

Ray Shupe, a police spokesperson, said that they ran through the river several times before getting out in the middle. There were enough officers to surround him.

Police said that Barrett-Lesko may have made his escape from the jail's recreational yard. He was kept apart from other inmates by keep-separate order. Police also claimed that video shows Barrett-Lesko climbing a wall and then escaping through a gap in a fence.

In late spring, the suspect was reportedly taken into custody on suspicion of sexual misconduct involving a horse at La Plata County Fairgrounds. The victim's four-legged caretaker recorded the attack using a cellphone app that was linked to a camera inside the animal stall. Barrett-Lesko was arrested again after being released on bail. Barrett-Lesko is also being investigated for shoplifting and breaking into cars.

He pleaded guilty last month to felony burglary and was awaiting sentencing on Friday when he made his escape. According to The Herald, he could be sentenced to up five years in prison. However, probation is an option. He is now facing a felony escape charge.

Durango Police Chief Bob Brammer is one of the officers that got Barrett-Lesko's uniform wet, luring Barrett back into custody. Brammer described the suspect as a prime example for someone who should be in prison.