, Which Taught Users Not to Get Scammed, Gets Hacked and Replaced With Scam

You can find a whole page on how to avoid scams.
Giveaway Scam

Bitcoin scams are becoming more sophisticated than ever., the first Google search result in bitcoin, was hacked. It led to a giveaway scam, CoinDesk reports.

This website was initially owned and operated by Satoshi Nakamoto (a pseudonymous developer of bitcoins) along with others.

According to the website's about page, it is actually designed to help users avoid common mistakes. Even more information is available on the website about how to avoid scams.



Giving back

This is not the first time that has been hacked. CoinTelegraph reported that the website was attacked by a large distributed denial-of-service attack (or DDoS) in July. Hackers demanded ransom for an undisclosed sum of Bitcoin.

The website was once again victim to hackers this week.

It looks like was hacked, and the entire site was replaced by a scam asking for free Bitcoin. Matt Corallo, a Bitcoin developer, wrote in a tweet.

Wednesday night, hackers gained access to the site and added a pop up message that blocked the entire homepage screen.



The Bitcoin Foundation is giving back! We want to thank all our users for their support over the years.

A Common Trend

Hackers are urging users to send money to a Bitcoin wallet, promising to double their investment.

Surprisingly, many people fall for this obvious con. Numerous Elon Musk-themed cryptocurrency scams have been reported. One example was reported by the BBC in March about a man who lost half a million dollars to one of these schemes.

Crypto Briefing reported that the public available transaction data indicated that hackers were able to get away with at most $17,000 following Thursday's takeover.



According to CoinTelegraph, was offline for a while after being hacked. The website appeared to be back to normal at the time of writing.

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