Apple Watch Series 7 Supports 60.5GHz Wireless Data Transfer, But Likely for Apple's Internal Use Only

According to FCC filings seen by MacRumors and Apple Watch Series 7, the new module enables wireless data transfer at 60.5GHz, but this functionality could be reserved for Apple's internal use for now.

According to the filings, the 60.5GHz module activates only when the Apple Watch is placed on the magnetic dock that has a 60.5GHz module. However, this dock will be reserved for Apple employees. It is possible that Apple Stores could use the dock to wirelessly repair an Apple Watch. If so, it will be interesting for Apple employees to check if Series 7 models still include a hidden diagnostic port.

According to filings, the dock is model A2687 and powered by a USB C port. These details were first discovered by Blayne Curtis (Barclays analyst) and Tom O'Malley (Barclays analyst). These filings were made public last week after they were submitted in August.

Here's the FCC label image of the dock:

Although it is not clear how fast the Apple Watch's wireless data transfer will be, we believe that speeds of up to 480Mbps are possible. The technology may not be available on Apple Watches or other Apple products, including the long-rumored portless iPhone.

Apple has not yet announced a release date of the Apple Watch Series 7 and there is no tech specs page on the website for the new models. Apple only stated that the Series 7 models would be available "later this fall."