Google Photos’ nude-friendly folders coming to all Android phones soon

Google Photos Locked Folder is now available on all Android 6 and higher devices. It allows you to hide sensitive photos and videos and lock them in a password- or biometric-protected location. In June, the feature was only available for Pixel phones. Google has not yet provided a date, but it stated that the feature will be available soon.
Google I/O May presented the feature to parents who wanted to hide photos of their puppy from their children. However, I believe that people will have very different photos in their Locked Folder. I don't know about you but I have never had to take my phone from someone to stop them looking through my photos.

You can lock photos in @googlephotos with Locked Folder. They will not show up when you scroll through Photos and other apps. Locked Folder launches first on Google Pixel and will be available for more Android devices over the course of the year. #GoogleIO Google (@Google) May 18, 2021

To create a locked folder, go to Library > Utilities> Locked Folder within the Google Photos app. Existing photos can then be moved manually to the folder. While the Pixel camera app can save new photos directly to the folder, it is not clear if this feature will be available for other Android cameras apps. Not all images stored in a Locked Folder will be backed up to cloud.

As part of the many new features that Android will be offering this fall, Locked Folders has been widely launched. You can also use your Android phone as a remote for Google TV or Android TV OS devices. There are also new Android Auto features and accessibility features.