No evidence found that San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane bet on NHL games; league considers this 'specific matter closed'

Evander Kane, Sharks forward, tells Linda Cohn that he expects to be exonerated by the NHL because of allegations that he placed wagers on games including those he participated in. (3:18).
The NHL announced Wednesday that its gambling investigation into Evander Kayne was over. It said that there was no evidence that San Jose Sharks forwards had placed bets on NHL games.

Patterson Belknap Webb Webb & Tyler LLP and NHL Security conducted the investigation. The investigation was prompted by Deanna Kane's social media posts. Recently, the couple entered into divorce proceedings.

The NHL stated in a statement that there was no evidence that Ms. Kane had bet on NHL games or participated in other gambling activities. There also wasn't any evidence that Mr. Kane tried to win the games himself. The evidence is not in support of Ms. Kane's claims.

The NHL has declared this "specific matter closed", but the league stated that it will continue to investigate gambling allegations. Kane was also mentioned in the league's investigation for "unrelated allegations of possible wrongdoing" that were brought to its attention. The NHL didn't provide any further details.

Wednesday night, the Sharks released a statement about the investigation and stated that Kane would not be participating in training camp until further notice.

The Sharks have received additional allegations, which are not related to the initial investigation by the National Hockey League into Evander Kane. "We take these allegations seriously and have been in contact with the NHL. "The league will continue to receive our full cooperation in the ongoing investigation."

Front Office Sports reported Wednesday that Deanna Kane filed a domestic violence order application. It included allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault. Evander Kane's lawyer stated in a statement to Front Office Sports, "Evander denies ever abuse Ms. Kane and their daughter."

According to the NHL, the NHL's investigation into the gambling allegations included a detailed review social media, public data, and court filings -- both from Kane’s bankruptcy proceedings as well as his pending divorce proceedings. The investigation involved a review and analysis of Sportradar's sports betting data, as well as virtual and in-person interviews with Kane and members of the Sharks organization. According to the NHL, Deanna Kane "refused" to take part in the investigation.

Kane denied that he had ever bet on or played his own games, but he did admit to a gambling addiction that caused him to accumulate huge personal debt. Kane stated to Cohn that he sought professional help with his gambling addiction.

Evander Kane, a January bankruptcy filing listed $1.5million in gambling debts.

This week, the Sharks will open training camp. Kane, 30 years old, is entering his fourth year in a seven-year contract that pays $7 million per annum.

Kane spoke with Cohn about reports that his teammates don't want him back. Kane said that he didn't know or believe there was friction between teammates to the point that the Sharks would part ways with him.

Kane said that rumors had circulated about Kane being traded. "Well, they have a list of people that they cannot trade me to, and I haven’t been asked for it. So I’m not being traded. It would be my right to know."