Warriors' Andrew Wiggins remains unvaccinated, source says, jeopardizing his availability for Golden State

SAN FRANCISCO -- Andrew Wiggins, the Golden State Warriors' swingman, stated earlier this year that he would only get a COVID-19 vaccination if he was forced to. The organization faces a problem behind the scenes as Wiggins' position has not changed, just as the start to the 2021-22 season approaches.
According to ESPN, Wiggins has decided not to get the vaccine. This was confirmed by a source from the league who spoke on behalf of ESPN. This has made it difficult for Wiggins to play in some of the games this season. San Francisco now requires proof of vaccination to enter large indoor events.

Wiggins' situation was not discussed by the Warriors on Wednesday night. They cited player privacy protocols. The Chronicle was informed by the San Francisco Department of Public Health that it will not comment on Wiggins' specific situation unless granted a religious exemption by the NBA.

"We are actively dealing with the issue of religious exemption from vaccinations across many sectors and will work closely with our business community and entertainment community on the next steps," said the Department of Public Health in a statement to the Chronicle. "We will provide additional clarification on this matter."

Wiggins (26 years old) was among the most prominent NBA players to publicly state that he wouldn't be getting the vaccine during earlier comments.

"To each his own. Wiggins stated that anyone who wants it can get it. However, anyone who doesn't want it, won't get it." Wiggins made this statement on March 22. It's not something I want right now. But it's open to anyone who wants it. I make all the decisions. However, right now I have decided to not get it."

Wiggins stated at the time that he was still waiting for more information.

Wiggins stated in March that "Yeah. I don't see myself getting it anytime soon unless I'm forced into it somehow." "I'm fine, other than that."

The Chronicle reported that Wiggins was put in touch with an Oakland physician by the Warriors to discuss his hesitation in receiving the vaccine. However, he didn't change his stance.