QAnon conspiracy theorists say Gabby Petito was an 'actress' and a 'false flag' the mainstream media is using to distract Americans from 'Biden's failures'

QAnon claims that the Gabby Petito story on Telegram is a "false Flag". Rick Loomis/Getty Images
QAnon Telegram channels are awash in rumors about Gabby's death.

Theorists of conspiracy posited theories that Petito could be a "crisis agent" or a false flag attempt to distract attention from the Biden administration’s failures.

Some claimed that Brian Laundrie was part a smokescreen to hide the truth about the 2020 election.

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In conspiracy theorist circles at QAnon, the mystery surrounding Gabby Petito’s death has been given new life by people suggesting that Petito may be a crisis actor or a "false flag" to distract from President Joe Biden's failures.

Some people even assert that Petito does not exist.

Petito disappeared, prompting a national search. This opened up the floodgates to a sea of internet sleuths trying to find her. Her remains were found in Wyoming earlier this week and her death was ruled as a homicide. Separately, Brian Laundrie, her fiance, disappeared and was declared a person in interest in the case.

However, QAnon Telegram groups have created their own version of events. Insider discovered that a body matching Petito's description had been found in a remote campsite near Grand Teton National Park. Within an hour, Insider noticed multiple posts on the QAnon-focused Telegram channels GhostEzra (which has more than 330,000 subscribers) and WeTheMedia (which has more than 246,000 subscribers). There were lengthy discussion threads about Petito’s case.

"Somethings are not right in this entire situation... This is clearly Black Ops to cover Biden's failures. Is he real? Is she? Is she?

QAnon forums are rife in 'false Flag' allegations regarding the Petito case

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QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory with a baseless foundation, claims that former President Donald Trump is secretly fighting a "deepstate" cabal made up of satanic pedophiles. It maintains a strong presence on Telegram with numerous channels that are run by QAnon influencers, posting at least 50 times per day to around 400,000 followers.

Believers in QAnon often claim that major news events have been "false flags", which are manufactured events meant to elicit political or social responses, or draw attention away from the "real" news.

Some commenters on QAnon influencer channel tried to make connections between Petito's death and other important events. A thread on GhostEzra Telegram channel featured 600 comments that suggested that Petito's death was a conspiracy to distract from the Arizona vote audit. It also covered up the "Big Lie", that Trump stole the 2020 election.

Telegram user OdinSon87 wrote that the whole case was a distraction by the FBI.

Some users wondered why so much attention was paid to a "missing girl white"

"This story is strange, it's too mainstream for a girl of color. I'm being truthful. "Mainstream media don't play victim with Caucasians," said a Diabeetus81 user. Is this a sleight-of-hand trick? "Look here, not there (Arizona audit). It doesn't pass the smell test.

These elaborate conspiracies are standard practice in QAnon.

QAnon supporters suggested after the January 6 Capitol riot that Ashlibabbitt, who was killed and shot during the event was still alive. Others QAnon conspiracy theories also suggest that George Floyd may have been a crisis actor.

Vice reported that QAnon convinced a father of a Parkland victim that the massacre his son survived in Parkland was a hoax. They also claimed that the shooting at King Soopers in Boulder that left ten dead in March was a hoax.

Some believe the Petito story is a Q message.

Some Q followers believed Petito's story supported QAnon’s alleged mission of preventing "crimes against kids".

"Gabby’s story is reaching every news outlet mainstream or alternative news. Q stated that crimes against children would unify us. Q also stated that the first arrest would unite us. I believe that this story is connected in a story which's hopefully going be mind-blowing to sleepers," said a Telegram user under the ID HBNevergiveup. He was referring to QAnon's "sleeper cell" that has been waiting for concrete messages by Q.

Others tried to link Petito, Laundrie and common QAnon conspiracies concerning cabals of pedophiles running the "deep state" via Telegram.

"It seems to me that BOTH Gabby's BF and the authorities who last saw Gabby alive could possibly be suspects in her case. We don't know if the police that pulled them over are as corrupt or not as CPS and other govt' agencies, but they have been implicated in mysterious disappearances such as these. "Sex trafficking or sacrifice," wrote one user using the ID Hart_IQ.

Authorities continue to look for Brian Laundrie. They believe he may be hiding in a vast Florida nature reserve. Last seen September 17.

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