Witness Says Gabby and Brian Fought at Restaurant Days Before Disappearance

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie had an argument days before she disappeared. According to a witness, things escalated so much that the couple were forced from a Wyoming restaurant.
Nina Celie Angelo, a woman, claims that she saw her boyfriend and girlfriend at The Merry Piglets in Jackson Hole on August 27. Angelo claims that Brian and Gabby were at her table.

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Angelo says Gabby was crying so hard that Angelo even fought with her at one point. Gabby then went outside and stood on the sidewalk.

Angelo claims she does not know the cause of the fight but believes it was related to the bill.

Angelo says Brian was a frequent visitor to the restaurant, allegedly returning several times to quarrel with staff members after Gabby left. Angelo also claims that he displayed an aggressive demeanor.

Merry Piglets was not available to comment on the matter. Although they wouldn't say if they had spoken to authorities, Nina stated that she has reported it all to law enforcement.

Brian, allegedly, returned to Florida on September 1, without Gabby.

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Investigators found Gabby's body in Wyoming on Sunday afternoon, as we reported. An autopsy revealed that Gabby's death was homicide. However, the coroner has yet to release a cause of death.