National Basketball Players Association hires Tamika Tremaglio to replace Michele Roberts as executive director

Tamika Tremaglio, a well-known Washington, D.C. attorney and long-time National Basketball Players Association consultant, was appointed the new executive director for the NBPA.
Michele Roberts was the first woman to lead a major professional league union. Tremaglio will be replaced by Tremaglio. Tremaglio will join CJ McCollum, the new president of the NBPA, as the players' organization's leadership in the upcoming collective bargaining negotiations.

Tremaglio, who is the managing principal of Deloitte’s Greater Washington practice, will be retiring and will take over the NBPA position.

McCollum stated Wednesday that Tamika had been at our side for many decades, advising us about the best practices and policies to allow our organization operate like a business. We were inspired by Michele's leadership and guidance, which have led us to where we are today. Therefore, we sought a next-generation leader who had the vision, credibility, and skills to take over from Michele to propel our union to greater heights.

Tremaglio is a juris doctor, master of business administration and a certified forensic accountant. She supervises 14,000 employees across 23 offices in the Metropolitan Washington region. She has been a consultant to the NBA since 2012 and also worked with the WNBA players during their 2019 collective bargaining agreements talks.