Geraldo Rivera Says Gabby Petito's Fiance, Brian Laundrie, Should Kill Himself

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Brian Laundrie would have been better off dead than alive in the Gabby Petito matter -- Geraldo Rivera believes that, despite so many unanswered queries.

When we asked him what he thought of the story and the fact that Brian was still missing, the FOX News host gave us his honest opinion. He said that the dude should be free to roam, in true Geraldo fashion.

He is a bit flippant, but GR seems like he means what he says. Brian should be treated with dignity.

Oof... it's harsh.

Geraldo is able to wiggle it a bit when the photog suggests that Brian give up and surrender -- conceding at least. It's obvious that he is excited about the story. But there's a problem with his solution.

Watch video 8/12/2021 Moab Police Department

It leaves too many open ends and won't serve true justice...especially not for the Petito family who seek the truth about Gabby's fate and WHY.