The $500 iPhone 11 is the new king of budget iPhones

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Apple has reduced the iPhone 11's price to $500 following the announcement of iPhone 13.

The iPhone 11's lower cost and superior design, camera and battery life make it a better deal that the $400 iPhone SE.

For those who prefer smaller screens, the iPhone SE remains the best choice.

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Apple announced the iPhone 13 and kept the iPhone 11 on its list. After announcing it, Apple reduced the price of the iPhone 11 from $600 to $500.

The iPhone XR was the "big-budget iPhone" option back in the day. However, the iPhone SE 2020 was considered a better value. The iPhone SE featured a more powerful and modern A13 Bionic processor than the iPhone XR's A12. Bionic. The iPhone XR didn't add any camera performance to the deal, but it did have a single lens camera, just like the iPhone SE 2020.

The $500 iPhone XR was a difficult phone to recommend, especially when the iPhone SE 2020 was $100 cheaper and had a faster processor. The iPhone XR had a smaller screen, a longer battery life, and a more modern design. But it didn't have much to offer last year.

The iPhone 11, first released in September 2019 two years ago, has overtaken both the iPhone XR (in September 2019) and iPhone SE (in September 2019). The iPhone 11 has the same A13 Bionic processor and costs $100 more than the iPhone SE. This is a good reason to save money.

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The iPhone 11 is now the king of budget iPhones, not the iPhone SE.