'Friday' Star Anthony Johnson's Family Burdened With Funeral Costs

Anthony Johnson's passing has left his family scrambling for a way to pay his burial. His wife said that it isn't easy because of the empty rhetoric they are receiving.
TMZ spoke to Lexis Jones Mason, who said that her family has been receiving a lot of fake love since her husband's death earlier this month. This is something she is very upset about considering she requires financial assistance.

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This interview is heartbreaking. Lexis cries as she describes how the Johnson family started a GoFundMe to help their loved one. However, they have fallen short of the $20k goal that they set for him and his funeral. They have raised less than $800 so far.

Even though people told Lexis they would donate and chip in, Lexis said that much of that has not happened. It seems that people prefer to lend their emotional support rather than actually help in a way they need.

Lexis isn’t asking for anything, BTW. Basically just enough to do the right thing by Anthony. Funerals are expensive, as most people know.

Although she insists that she does not expect anyone to do anything, Lexis would be grateful for any donations from friends and family. Lexis also said that if no one responds, she will probably cremate him and return to work as soon as possible to pay the rest.