Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Are Fighting Over The $164 Million Estate They Got Married In Amid Their Messy Custody Battle Weeks After She Opened Up About “Fearing For Her Children’s Safety” During Th

The ongoing legal dispute between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appears to be getting worse. New court documents detail a feud regarding one of their joint estates.
HollywoodLife obtained papers on Tuesday that claim Angelina tried to obtain a lucrative deal for a Chateau worth $164 Million, which was co-owned by Brad Pitt and her ex-husband, without consulting him first.

Angelina was accused of trying to sell her 50% stake in Chateau Miraval, located in Correns in France and owned by Quimicum, without giving Brad the option to buy her out or refuse to complete the sale. This goes against the alleged agreements between the two.

Page Six sources claim that the ex-couple had previously agreed to ask for permission to sell their shares if they wanted to.

Angelina, Brad, and Angelina are now equal coowners of the estate. Angelina originally held a 60% share through Mondo Bongo while Brad had a 40% share through Nouvel.

But, Brad transferred 10% of his company's share to hers three years prior to the 2016 split, making them equal shareholders.

According to court records, Nouvel, Angelinas' company, is not acting in Quimicum's best interests.

It is important to mention that Nouvel, over the past four years, has not acted in Quimicum's best interests by repeatedly delaying approval of the annual accounts as well as the renewal of the manager.

We believe that Nouvel and his shareholder [Jolie] are trying to block the sale of Chateau Miraval SA's stake. This would allow Mondo Bongos right to first refusal to be circumvented. They took a capital gain from Mondo Bongos investment, to which Nouvel didn't contribute.

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Angelina's actions were allegedly described by a source close the lawsuit as her attempt to circumvent the rules. This, according to HollywoodLife, is why she was deemed uncredible based on testimony from numerous experts, therapists, and other people who are most familiar with her in the recent ruling in the custodial case.

Angelina and Brad's 1,000-acre estate, which has 35 bedrooms and a private winery, was actually the place where they secretly got married seven years ago.

After nine years of marriage, the couple made headlines when they announced that they had been married in secret at Chateau. According to reports, only 22 people attended the intimate ceremony, which was attended by just a few close friends.

Two years later, Angelina & Brad stunned fans when they filed for divorce. They cited irreconcilable differences in September 2016.

BuzzFeed News documents show that Angelina applied for full physical custody of all their children. However, she requested that Brad be given joint legal custody and visitation rights.

Many fans speculated that the sudden divorce of the couples was caused by an affair or other incident. Jon Voight, Angelina's father, stated to BuzzFeed News that it was likely that something serious had occurred.

Many speculated that Angelina's decision to file for divorce was based on a complaint against Brad. He was charged with child abuse.

These charges alleged that Brad and Maddox had an altercation on a private plane they owned from Europe to the United States. Maddox was then 15 years old at the time. Maddox, then 19, testified against Brad earlier this year, in court amid a custody dispute between his parents.

The investigation into the 2016 charges against Brad revealed that the actor claimed he had shouted at son but that he hadn't tried to harm his wife or their children.

Angelina and Brad, who are legally divorcing, currently share joint custody of their children: Pax (17), Zahara (16), Shiloh (15), Vivienne (13), and Knox (13) have been involved in an ongoing struggle for sole custody. Maddox is not included in custody rulings because he is not a minor.

Angelina also spoke out publicly about Brad's divorce, saying in interviews with Vogue India last June, that she did it for their children's welfare.

She said it was the right decision. I will continue to work with them in healing. Some people have profited from my silence and the children see lies about them in the media. I remind them, however, that they are aware of their truth and their minds. They are six strong, brave young men.

Angelina recently spoke out about her long-running struggle in an emotional interview with The Guardian.

I was in America with my children when I had an experience. I thought, "Human rights, children's rights," she stated, referring to the Maddox incident.

I was reminded of the rights of the child and took them out. I thought, "Well, these are for when you're in a situation where there's support for the children in my life," she said.

Angelina answered the question "Divorce from Brad" and made abuse allegations against Brad. She then admitted that she feared for her family's safety during the marriage.

She said that I am not the type of person who would make decisions like those I had to make. It was difficult for me to feel that I had to leave my father.

Angelina also admitted that the past decade was emotionally draining in certain ways, but she maintained that she can't really say much.

She said that even though you and a few close friends are the only ones who know the truth about your life, what you have suffered, or what you have fought for, you can find peace with that.

BuzzFeed News reached out to Angelina and Brad for comment.

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