Brighton: How early WSL leaders are planning to succeed on and off pitch

Hope Powell, former England manager (centre), has steered the team through three WSL seasons.
It was a great start to the Women's Super League season in Brighton.

Hope Powell's team is currently at the top of this table, with two wins in their first two games and not conceding a goal.

This is not surprising to anyone in the club.

The American Express Elite Football Performance Centre has opened a brand new training facility for the women's team. This is the result of an investment of 8.5 million.

A new gym, a medical center, changing areas, and swimming pools are all at their disposal. There are also state-of the-art training pitches.

This is a declaration of intent by the club regarding their support for women's soccer. They will be looking to maintain their position at the top of their league table when they host Aston Villa on Sunday 26 September (14.00 BST).

That statement of intent follows the signing of Danielle Carter, a summer signing, to Brighton. Although the cost of the contract is not disclosed, Carter was the first female player to sign with Brighton.

Carter stated, "It is a sign of the direction that the club is going." Carter said, "They aren't just talking about it. They are actually doing it. And providing the women with the same provisions as the men."

They are helping us get to where we want to go as a club. With the facilities that we have, there is no excuse.

"We have three swimming pool! We don't want to leave the training grounds so we have to stay there. ..."

Carter said that she also "bought into" the Brighton process.

This process has led to gradual investments in the women's teams, which has been reflected on the pitch.

Brighton was promoted to the WSL in 2018-19 season and finished second before finishing last season in sixth.

Their rise to the top of the table was a major factor in forward Rinsolababajide's decision this season to join Brighton on loan from Liverpool.

Babajide stated that it was the best place for him right now, based on my career. It was easy for me to choose Brighton because they did so well last year.

They competed with the best four. I was eager to join them and I hope I can make a difference in helping them grow as a team. Brighton is very ambitious.

"The facilities are also amazing. The plans for the men's and women's teams coming together are very similar. They include the women in the plans.

"A lot of places claim that we're all one club, but this is not the case. Yet they live and breathe it."

On their way to finishing sixth, Brighton overcame Chelsea's unbeaten record in last season.

Although everything is in place for Brighton to succeed on the pitch, Victoria Williams, a veteran defender believes that it is a unique team bond which ultimately brings them all together on matchdays.

Williams said, "It's about helping each person as a player or a person, and respecting them for who and what they are."

"We are very friendly. Everyone gives each other a lot confidence. Although we don't have many superstars on the team, what we do have are great team spirit and a lot of team spirit.

"It's obvious from the results we have had and the run that we went on last year. It was about working together as a team. We can compete with any other team in this league on our day. That's an impressive pull.

Williams also spoke highly of Powell, a former England manager who is greatly respected for her knowledge and ability to nurture youth players.

"We give great opportunities for our youngsters," Williams said. We have a path here. Every young player who signs with us knows that we have an ex England manager who can help them get to the top.

Babajide said, "Hope has taken my under her wing. She is making sure that I'm progressing. She is always there to help me, on and off the pitch, as a professional.

"Tactically, I'm working hard alongside her and the other coaches. She believes in me and I am eager to prove her right."