Tello Mobile review: A wireless provider that actually saves you money

Tello Mobile is well-known for offering unlimited data at affordable prices. However, it is not the only carrier you will think of when looking for unlimited data. There are many wireless providers available these days. Especially MVNOs that can piggyback on larger networks to offer the same coverage but charge less each month. Tello's simple structure combined with the fast and wide coverage of T-Mobile 5G's network makes it one the best cell phones plans for light users. It's fascinating to see how Tello compares with large plans from Visible and Mint Mobile, as so much of their competition is focused on big data amounts. Tello could be the right choice for you if you are looking to save money on your phone service. VPN Deals: Monthly plans starting at $1 and a lifetime license for $16
Tello Mobile is a great choice. Bottom line: Tello Mobile is worth looking into if you live in an area that has excellent T-Mobile coverage. These plans are extremely affordable and you don't need to sign any contracts. Tethering is also free. There's even a referral program. You get Nationwide LTE and 5G coverage.

Flexible and affordable plans

Hotspot use is free

No contracts

Bring your phone

Data speeds can fluctuate greatly starting at $5/mo

Disclosure: Tello provided me with the Samsung Galaxy S8 compatible phone and a data plan for my review. All opinions expressed in this review are mine. Tello Mobile Review: Plans

Source: Joe Maring/Android Central

Tello offers a wide range of options for customizing your plan, unlike many other carriers who believe unlimited plans are the future. You can choose the amount of data and minutes that you need when you sign up for a Tello plan. As long as your plan includes some minutes, unlimited texting is included as a default. Plans start at $5 per monthly for 500 MB data and no minutes, or 100 minutes and no data. You can choose from unlimited data or minutes plans, with the most expensive at $39 per month. Or you can go for a combination that suits you best. Tello also offers pre-made plans that you can choose from if you don’t want to fine-tune everything.

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It was as simple as possible to sign up and find a plan that works for me. After selecting the data and minutes that I needed, I logged into my Google account to confirm the order and then I was off. Although I selected to get a new phone number as part of my plan, Tello allows me to transfer my existing number, just like other MVNOs. Tello is known for saving money. Free calls can be made to the U.S. and Canada using your minutes. Tello allows you to call over 60 countries without any additional charges. Even though these countries are free, there might be charges for calls to mobile phones. There are many countries that you can call from overseas, so you have a chance to save money. India: No Charge

United Kingdom

France: Free

Japan 4.5/minute (mobile).

Cuba: 65/minute

Puerto Rico: Every plan includes free hotspot/tethering. This is a great deal considering that other MVNOs can charge up to $10/month for this service. Your plan can be reconfigured at any time, and your renewal will occur automatically every 30 days. Tello Mobile is extremely affordable. Although I would prefer taxes to be included in the monthly rate, it is a small issue compared to all the other features Tello Mobile has to offer. Tello Mobile Review: Coverage

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It doesn't matter how inexpensive your monthly plan is, it won't be worth much if you don’t have reliable coverage. Tello used to depend on Sprint's network to provide its service. However, T-Mobile has officially taken over Tello's services as of 2021. You can now expect even greater wireless coverage than the one you had previously. T-Mobile's nationwide network has allowed Tello to support 5G. Both the people I spoke to and I were happy with the quality of my calls on Tello. I had no issues with text messages not being sent and everything worked as you would expect your wireless service to. All Tello plans come with Wi-Fi calling for free if you have any problems with your phone calls.

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Check out Tello's coverage map to see if Tello is available in your area. To see the available bands in your area, click on the map. You may experience connectivity problems if you are at the edge of LTE 600 coverage. Even if you have had T-Mobile service in the past, make sure you check your coverage. T-Mobile and T-Mobile's other prepaid carriers fill coverage gaps by providing roaming agreements that Tello won't be able access. You should still have reliable service and decent LTE speeds if you are covered. Tello Mobile Review: Data speed

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Tello's data management is the biggest problem I encountered while using it. Tello, like many MVNOs claims that its 4G LTE network is fast and reliable. Although this is true, I was only able to get real LTE speeds at certain times of the day. For instance, the highest download speed I could see was 71.8Mbps at 8 AM, but it dropped to 2.59Mbps another day at 8 PM.

After running 18 tests over multiple days and at different times, my mean download speed was just below 16Mbps. This isn't slow but based on my review of US Mobile (where the average download speed was 68Mbps), there's still plenty of room for improvement. You may get a faster average speed if your area has less congestion. It was easy to browse websites, use Twitter and scroll endlessly through Reddit in day-to-day usage. When I tried to transfer a lot of data simultaneously, like downloading or updating an application, the slowest data speeds were most frustrating. Tello Mobile Review: Phone selection

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Tello Mobile, like most MVNOs allows you to bring your phone. Tello Mobile uses T-Mobile's network so make sure your phone is unlocked and a GSM-capable device. The network will work with most Android phones. To save even more, you could get one of our best-selling budget Android phones. You can also buy your device through Tello. Tello offers a variety of new and refurbished phones at a very affordable price, with most phones selling for less than $300. Tello sells the iPhone XR and the OnePlus Nord N2005G, which are both high-end phones. These phones are sturdy, but not necessarily new or fast. If you're looking for a more affordable phone, or a flip phone, there are many options. Although it is a good start, I would love to see more modern devices in the future. Tello Mobile Review: Competition

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Mint Mobile is very affordable, and you can save a lot if your plan includes six- or twelve-month contracts. Mint Mobile charges $15 per month for 4GB data, if you sign up for the entire year. Mint Mobile also offers plans with either 10GB or 15GB data, as well as an unlimited plan with 35GB high-speed data. Mint Mobile makes use of T-Mobile's Tello network so most unlocked phones work seamlessly. Visible is as straightforward as possible, offering a single plan with unlimited data and Verizon coverage. Visible charges $40 per month, but you can get as low as $25 per months if Visible hosts a Visible party on their website. Visible does not support as many phones as Mint Mobile and Tello. To activate, you will need one of a few compatible phones. US Mobile shares a lot with Tello. You can create your own plan through the T-Mobile network. US Mobile also offers a Verizon SIM. US Mobile offers an unlimited plan, which can be converted to a family plan for maximum savings if you add more than three lines. You also get US Mobile perks when you sign up to a family plan. These include streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+ and Playstation Plus. Tello Mobile Review: Should You Join? There are many MVNOs and prepaid providers competing for your money these days, including Ting, Metro, Mint Mobile, Mint Mobile, Cricket, Metro, Mint Mobile, etc. Is Tello worth the cost of joining over all other MVNOs? As with many things in life it comes down to personal preferences. Tello is a great option for basic phone plans. This is one of Tello's strengths. You can go as low as $5 per month. $5 per month for 100 minutes and 500MB data is as basic as it gets. Some people don't need unlimited data or a lot of additional features on their phone lines. Tello is the best option if you only need basic services on one of your lines. T-Mobile has good coverage in your area. T-Mobile's network is expanding rapidly over the years. Here in 2021, there are coverage options for nearly all Americans. Tello offers an unlimited plan but data speeds will be reduced after 25GB. 25GB can be quite a lot for a phone. However, other carriers may be more suitable if you require even more. Mint Mobile, for $30 per month, offers unlimited 4G LTE and 5G connectivity while also using T-Mobile's network.

Source: Joe Maring/Android Central

Tello offers great pricing and highly customizable plans. Refer friends/family to Tello to save $10 each on your monthly bills. You can even get 25 percent off your first six-months' monthly rate! This is all fantastic stuff that makes Tello well worth the effort. Although 4/5 Data speeds are not the fastest I have ever seen, they are still very usable and should not be a problem for most users. Tello's other features work well and I believe you will be very happy if you give it a try.

Tello Mobile is a great choice. It's a solid wireless service at a great price. Tello Mobile is worth considering if you live in an area that has excellent T-Mobile coverage. These plans are extremely affordable and you don't need to worry about contracts. Tethering is also free. There's even a great referral program. Starting at $5/mo.

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