Airbus A350 Getting Dimmable Windows In 2022

Airbus revealed at CES 2020 that it eventually plans to install dimmable windows into its aircraft cabins. The European aircraft manufacturer revealed more details this week, but not everyone will love them.
Airbus will offer dimmable windows

The aircraft manufacturer revealed at the Airbus Summit 2021 that Airbus A350s will have dimmable windows in their 2022 and beyond models. This is part of a larger change in the Airspace cabin design. It would bring the Airbus A350 into line with the Boeing 787, which has long offered dimmable windows.

Gentex Corporation is a supplier for electronically dimmable windows in the aerospace industry. The latest generation of electrochromic windows allows passengers to adjust the shade settings by pushing a button.

Gentex claims that the new technology will enable passengers to dimm their windows and still see outside. These dimmers can be used to eliminate the need to use window shades. They also include a heat control solution that blocks the infra red energy from entering the cabin from the outside. This will reduce the dependency on air-conditioning systems.

The latest generation of windows will offer a high-speed transition from clear to dark and an ultra-dark low end transmission. The new windows will darken 100 times faster than previous models and eliminate 99.999% visible light.

Airbus A350s will soon have dimmable windows

Boeing 787 dimmable windows are my problem

Although many people love the window shades on the 787, I find them very annoying. This is one reason I prefer the A350 over the 787)

Many times, the crew will lock the windows and keep it dark throughout the flight. This means that you cannot see outside.

Even in the darkest mode, I find it still quite bright. Worst of all, if you are on the plane of sun, it can get very hot.

Dimming occurs slowly which can make it difficult to determine if you are controlling the shades correctly.

All Boeing 787s feature dimmable windows

Airbus' dimmable windows technology seems to be a positive. It appears that dimming will occur much faster than the 787 and will also dim much darker at maximum settings.

It doesn't address my main concern, which is the airline crews trying control window shade settings. Personally, I enjoy the view from a window seat. However, some airline crews lock the dimmers at their darkest settings to keep the cabin darkest. Although some airlines have instructed crews not to do this, it continues.

Bottom line

As part of an update to the Airspace cabin design, Airbus A350s will get new dimmable windows starting in 2022.

This development is not something I like, at least not from the way it is currently implemented. I am pleased to see that many of my concerns have been addressed with the new generation of window shades. I am less against this development if the window shades dim faster and get darker over time.

Any airline that is using this technology should remind crews that they are not allowed to control the window settings throughout the flight.

What do you think about the Airbus A350's dimmable windows